5 Axis Automatic CNC Granite Bridge Saw

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  • 5 Axis Automatic CNC Granite Bridge Saw

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    5 Axis Automatic CNC Granite Bridge Saw

    A cnc granite bridge saw is a kind of stone cutting equipment. The stone bridge cutting machine meets the diversified cutting needs of stone. It is suitable for special-shaped cutting, chamfering, edging, etc. of granite, marble, artificial stone, slate, etc. Digging, cutting, and edging for kitchen, bathroom, and toilet countertops in the home improvement industry.

    cnc granite bridge saw

    A good granite bridge saws is a must for any fabricator turning out one or more kitchens a day. Unlike a manual saw, an automated bridge saw provides a consistently clean cut at a high rate of production. Even if all of the other equipment in a shop consists of hand tools, a good bridge saw is a must. The numbers back this up. Whereas the best worker operating a manual saw will rarely exceed 10 lineal feet per hour, an automatic bridge saw can cut up to 120 lineal feet of material per hour.

    cnc granite bridge saw

    Features Of Granite Slab Bridge Saw:
    1. Steel tube lathe bed,low center of gravity,strong bearing capacity,not easy to deformation,stable and reliable operation.:

    2. Adopt Ncstudio control system ,through computer operation,easy and simple to operate.DSP handle offline control is optional.:

    3. Adopt Taiwan linear guide rail. the bearing of the lead guide rail is face to face, the long time use precision is high.:

    4.Strong compatibility: compatible various CAD/CAM software like Type3/artcam/castmate/proe/Corelerow/Wentai.:

    5 Axis bridge stone cutting machine Advantages:

    1. The machine head can swing 360 degrees freely, and the plate can be cut at any angle and shape

    2. It can be used for cutting large plate, 45 degree chamfering, pot hole, stove hole and oblique line cutting

    3. The platform is turned over at 85 degrees to facilitate loading and unloading.

    4. The operation is simple and the control system can input data.

    5. Equipped with grinding wheel device, it can polish the table face and cutting surface.

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