Brush Sanding Machine suppliers

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  • Brush Sanding Machine suppliers

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    Brush Sanding Machine suppliers

    Woodworking Brush Polishing Machine
    Disc supporting materials:
    New antistatic sisal yarn.
    Each is equipped with quick-change connectors.
    Straight roller supporting materials:
    New antistatic sisal yarn.
    Four disks, four vertical rolls, two straight rolls.
    Qingdao Hailing Modular Machine Inverter, Chint Contactor, Chint Relay, Delixi Transformer. Delixi phase sequence protector, LED lighting.
    Technical Parameter
    Machine Model: SD1000-8BX
    Processing Width: 1000mm
    Processing Thickness: 5-100mm
    The Shortest Pressing Distance: 200mm
    A total of 8 groups, 2 groups of vertical rollers, 4 groups of discs, 2 groups of straight rollers
    Total Power: 13.15kw
    Dimensions: 4200mmX1700mmX1800mm
    Loading Size: 3700mmX1700mmX1800mm
    Weight: 1800kg
    The machine all use PVC film to pack first, again all use plywood pack, the thickness can reach 6mm, general factory has 4mm only, four Angle reinforcement processing, inside puts the shockproof foam, maximum protection machine's arrangement, avoid in the transportation process damages the machine.
    Mature technician with over 7 years assembly experience.
    Requirements for every detail is very high, if the machine does not meet the standards, has to return reprocessing. Verified by T脺V Rheinland/SGS Group.
    Our company is assessed, certified, authenticated and/or inspected by T脺V Rheinland//SGS Group.
    Every machine more than 20 items of the test standard, quality inspector have 8 years experience.
    - For each machine for testing and inspection shall be conducted by the plant manager again commissioning test, if find the problem, will be deducted the month bonus.
    - After testing if the customer received products appear problem, the factory manager will be in charge, company will compensate for the customer, but the factory manager also need to accept the punishment.
    - The bipolar supervision, to ensure the quality of the products.
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