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  • Cantilever Rack

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    Cantilever Rack

    Cantilever Rack  Cantilever racks racking system is a kind of heavy duty racks that mostly used to store long and bulky goods, such as lumbers, pipes, steel tubes and more.
    A cantilever racking system consists of an upright column and base, arms with vertical and horizontal braces. It can store light duty, medium duty and heavy duty goods. It can be configured for Single side and Double sides racks.
    Specification of cantilever racking system?
    1) Capacity: 10,000 lbs (Single Sided), 10,000 lbs per side (Double Sided)
    2) Column size: 4" wide x 12" deep.
    3) Single-sided base: 8.5" wide x 12" height x 63.5" long.
    4) Double-sided base: 8.5" wide x 12" height x 108" long.
    5) Base included on all upright models.
    6) Upright and bracing color: blue.
    7) Arm color: orange.
    We also make Customized cantilever racking system as your requirement.
    Structure of cantilever racking system:
    Cantilever racks consist of Base, upright, arms and braces (bars). The height of each level can be adjustable. Each arm has a roll-off protection to prevent cargo from falling off.
    How to get a quick quotation?
    Please just let us know the below details:
    1) Size of cantilever rack required.
    2) Arm length.
    3) How many levels.
    4) Max load per arm/ level.
    5) Required total quantity.
    Packing & Shipping:Cantilever Rack

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