Ceramic Substrate

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  • Ceramic Substrate

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    Ceramic Substrate

    Alumina ceramic is a kind of structural ceramics,with insulation resistance, voltage resistance, high strength, good thermal conductivity, dielectric loss, stable electrical performance characteristics. Suitable for electronic ceramic substrates, ceramic electrical insulation, vacuum devices, ceramic devices, spark plugs and other products. It can be produced by hot pressing, dry pressing, isostatic pressing, extrusion and other production processes. 96% Alumina Ceramic is commonly used in the electronics industry like thick film circuits, large-scale integrated circuits, hybrid ICS, semiconductor packages, chip resistors, network resistors, focus potentiometers, etc., it is most frequently used ceramic substrates because of its excellent advantages. We can make the part by hot injection pressing, dry pressing, 200T isostatic pressing and extrusion productive technology etc.
    1. Good electrical insulation , security, long working life.
    2. High temperature resistance
    3. Resistance to electric breakdown
    4. Stand wear and tear
    5. High strength
    6. Excellent corrosion resistance
    7. High mechanical strength and hardness
    8. Low dielectric constant and dielectric loss
    9. High thermal conductivity
    10. Non-toxic
    11. Available for surface metalization
    Alumina ceramic substrate is mainly used in large power equipment, IC MOS tube, IGBT chip heat conducting insulation, high frequency power supply, communication, mechanical equipment, strong current, high voltage, high temperature and other thermal heat insulation parts need products.
    Product parameter table
    ItemTest the conditionUnit99 porcelain95 porcelain92 porcelain75 porcelain
    Physical propertyDensityNormal atmospheric temperatureg/cm34.023.73.4-3.73.2-3.4
    Water AbsorptionNormal atmospheric temperature%00

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