China License Plate suppliers

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  • China License Plate suppliers

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    China License Plate suppliers

    China License Plate suppliers  PRODUCT DESCRIPTION
    We can make embossed license plates for different countries. They are concave and convex and feel great, adding a different feeling to your car.
    Product nameMetal Stamping Number Plate For Car
    FeatureSunscreen, waterproof, colorfast and strong
    Durable - The license plate is made of high-quality aluminum, wear-resistant and can resist various external elements. It is not a problem to follow your car through mountains and rivers, and the service life is very long.
    Embossing - We will make molds and then punch aluminum cards in batches. The effect of embossing is very good. It makes the patterns and numbers more prominent and more textured.
    Embossed license plates can be used as license plates, movie props, souvenirs, collectibles, decorations, etc.
    Q1: Are you a factory or a trading company?
    A1: As a factory, we have an absolute advantage in price. We will give you a preferential price on the premise of ensuring quality.
    Q2: How to ensure product quality?
    A2: Before producing samples, both parties will communicate the details of production. After the sample is completed, pictures or videos will be sent to the email for customers' confirmation. Samples will not be sent until confirmed by the customer.
    Q3: How long is the delivery time?
    A3: Sample 3-10 days. General orders can be completed within two weeks, sometimes in advance.China License Plate suppliers

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