China Stone Bridge Saws Granite Marble Cutting Machine

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  • China Stone Bridge Saws Granite Marble Cutting Machine

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    China Stone Bridge Saws Granite Marble Cutting Machine

    Stone bridge saws adopts 5 axis bridge cutting head, which is independently researched and developed and adopts the cast rotating bracket. This ensures good stability and flexibility during operation.

    The automatic stone cutting bridge saw can process products of sanitary ware, stone furniture, interior decoration, and other fields. For example, wash basins, bathroom countertop, stone tables, dinning tables, kitchen tables, kitchen cabinet basins, background wall, roman edge stone decorations, etc.

    Stone Cutting Bridge Saw Details
    Stone Cutting Bridge Saw Features
    1) 4 axis lnterpolation and 1 axis electronic control with Italian CNC Esa system.
    2) Easy to use interface with 19″ color touch-screen.
    3) Blade can rotate 0°-360° and tilt 90° for any any direction’s and any angle’s chamfering cutting.
    4) Working platform can tilt 85 degrees, easy for slabs loading.
    5) Easy for loading, unloading and installation due to monoblock structure with size suitable for container.
    6) Manual cuts available for simple machining.7) Nesting manual / automatic to optimize slab surface usage
    8) Optional – Vacumm manipulator for workpieces handling.
    9) Optional – Photo slab for nesting and avoiding defects.
    10) Optional – Vein match for easily matching up perfectly each vein,color at the seam of your project.

    The Advantage Of Stone Bridge Saws:
    The new generation 5 axis bridge saw for cutting stone slabs: Customizable according to customer requirements; Monoblock structure for easy installation (does not require foundation); Automatic head rotation; Precision Stone Cutting: extremely accurate and consistent stone sawing. Simple to Operate: The cnc bridge saw cutting machine is capable of fully automatic operation or can be operated in a semi-automatic mode to give the operator full control of sawing operations; Manual or CNC controlled head tilt from 90 to 0 degrees; 1/2” gas connection for mounting core drills and perform an automatic drilling cycle to easily cut corners and remove the tension from the sintered material plates; Pre-loaded parametric figures such as hexagon, octagon, kitchen top, trapezium, polygon, etc. Profiling environment of the CNC to create artistic frames and decorations.

    How Does A Stone Bridge Saws Operate?
    A bridge saw is made up of several components. The sawing part has the motor power, the diamond disk, and the axes, facilitating movement. Five-axis bridge saws are the most powerful and are designed to cut slabs in any position.

    This power tool’s name is derived from the fact that it features a frame with a bridge. There are two structures for bridge saws, a concrete wall structure, and a metallic structure. The metal structure makes it easy to move the saw when organizing the workshop. It is essential to enforce the machine’s rigidity using concrete walls in case you are cutting slabs with large thicknesses.

    Another essential part of the saw is the table. Wooden tables are used on the low and middle range models. Superior models use resin or rubber tables, which are highly durable. However, wooden tables need frequent changing to maintain cutting performance. To withstand the stress of cutting granite or tiles, some bridge saw tables are motorized with rotational features.

    Stone Bridge Saws Application:
    The high-efficiency stone bridge cutting machine designed by iGOLDENCNC adopts high-strength mechanical structure, which is very suitable for manufacturers who process special-shaped stone in batches. Imported linear guide rails are used to ensure accuracy and provide a set of competitive configurations. Popular applications include:
    Applicable material: sintered stone, ceramic plate, quartz stone, marble, etc.

    >Decoration industry: special-shaped lines and relief carvings of stone background walls;

    >Stone countertops with digging basin holes and European borders: suitable for cabinet artificial stone, quartz stone, granite, marble countertops and sinks, kitchen countertops, bathroom countertops, special-shaped bar counters, stone coffee table countertops, basin hole cutting, back-arc water forming And polishing, etc.;

    >45-degree side cutting, 90-degree right angle splicing and special-shaped processing;

    >Drilling, grinding, trimming, carving, cutting, polishing and engraving of other special-shaped stones, ceramics, glass and ceramic stones.

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