Crowdfunding has definitely evolved and changed

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  • Crowdfunding has definitely evolved and changed

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    Crowdfunding has definitely evolved and changed

    It's nice in some ways to have the scope to tell a big story. But, there are also some smaller ideas that have been kicking around in my head that I never thought I could get a publisher to sign POE currency trade . Now I'm thinking about them again because I don't have to go through that same process.

    Destructoid:This is probably the end of the road as far as crowdfunding goes for Double Fine. Can you give me a postmortem of sorts? Like, you got to make some stuff that probably wouldn't have otherwise gotten funded, but it puts you in a position where every single person feels like they're an investor.

    Schafer:They literally are an investor in the case of Psychonauts. They made some money. That was important to us. It happened a little bit with Oculus. When Oculus got bought for billions of dollars, some of the original Kickstarter backers were like Umm, you wouldn't be here if it wasn't for us. There was a little bit of a backlash about that. They gave all those people a free Oculus and kind of made up with them. That's an example of what I was afraid of. These people feel like investors and they're going to have expectations as an investor. That's one of the reasons we helped to get Fig off the ground. We wanted to have a platform where people could get back.

    We probably won't be doing any crowdfunding anymore because we have this relationship with Microsoft. Looking back on it, it was amazing how that experience of having that Broken Age Kickstarter go so big so fast. It was really something I'll never forget. We had a relationship with our community before, but this felt like the end of It's a Wonderful Life where George Bailey knew people loved him. But then all of a sudden, everyone came to his house and dumped a bunch of money on his head. It's an emotional thing where the town comes and helps him in his time of need. It felt like that and it has changed things with our community ever since. We started to relate to them a lot more and know them a lot more. Whether they see themselves as investors or more like patrons, they believed in something and made it happen. That wouldn't have happened without them.

    Crowdfunding has definitely evolved and changed. I Kickstart a lot of board games now. It has been normalized. It's not so much an exciting story, but more like a business model. It's just a way that it's done. And in that way where we always said it wasn't going to be done, which is that it's not a pre-order. You're investing in this thing with risk. Hopefully it'll happen but there's a risk, but you believe in the creator and you want to help them achieve their dreams. That's not really what it is a lot of the time. Those projects still happen once in a while but you have to have a really unique story to make that work. You have to have project that actually couldn't ever happen through the normal gatekeeping system of film, television, games — anything. And we're making it happen through this democratized path. I think it still is a cool thing, but people have to come out with projects that really speak to it and tell that story POE exalted orbs .

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