Custom-made 3105 aluminum sheet aluminum alloy

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  • Custom-made 3105 aluminum sheet aluminum alloy

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    Custom-made 3105 aluminum sheet aluminum alloy

    Custom-made 3105 aluminum sheet /aluminium plate 3105 aluminum alloy in inventory each month,can be customized to fit your very own wishes and specifications.
    Width :48-60 in
    Thickness: 0.0320-zero.0800 in
    Length: ninety six-144 in
    3105 aluminum sheet aluminum alloy chemistry data :AluminumChromiumCopperIronMagnesiumManganeseRemainder EachRemainder TotalSiliconTitanium
    ZincBalance0.2 max0.3 max0.7 max0.2 - zero.80.3 - zero.80.05 max0.15 max0.6max0.1 max0.4max
    3105 aluminum sheet belong to 3105 aluminum,3105 aluminum is an alloy of aluminum, in addition categorised within the AA 3000 collection (aluminum-manganese wrought alloy). 3105 is the Aluminum association (AA) designation for this cloth. In european standards, it'll usually receive as EN AW-3105. A93105 is the usanumber. N31 is the British popular (BS) designation. Moreover, the EN chemical designation is AlMn0,5Mg0,five.
    Aluminum alloy 3105 is essentially a 98% aluminum alloy with minor additions to boom electricity over that of alloy 1100 and 3003. It isn't always hardenable by warmness treatment. Corrosion resistance, formability and welding characteristics are outstanding.
    Traditional programs include popular sheet metal work requiring more electricity than is supplied with the aid of 1000 collection aluminum alloys, residential siding, cell houses and signal making.

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