Discount Injection Moulding Machine

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  • Discount Injection Moulding Machine

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    Discount Injection Moulding Machine

    Discount Injection Moulding Machine  Product Parameters
    Screw Diametermm454852
    Screw L/D RatioL/D22.42119.4
    Shot Size(Theoretical)cm3381434509
    Injection Weight(PS)g346395463
    Injection Rateg/s118135156
    Plasticizing Capacityg/d222530
    Injection PressureMpa195172146
    Screw Speedrpm0~195
    Clamp TonnageKN1880
    Toggle Strokemm430
    Space Between Tie Barsmm510×460
    Max. Mold Heightmm530
    Min. Mold Heightmm180
    Ejector Strokemm140
    Ejector  TonnageKN50
    Ejector  NumberPiece5
    Max. Pump PressureMpa16
    Pump Motor PowerKW15
    Heater PowerKW10.8
    Machine Dimensions(L×W×H)m5.4×1.5×2.1
    Machine Weightt5.5
    Hopper CapacityL25
    Oil Tank CapacityL280
    Platen Dimensions Face
    Platen Dimensions Side
    Machine Dimensions
    About Products
    Control System
    • A variety of text can be switched.
    • Manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic mode.
    • To provide EUROMAP robot interface.
    • Automatic movement monitoring with alarm and fault  diagnosis.
    • Function of slope setting can set the start and stop of  movements,so as ensure the smooth movement.
    • Screen protection function,prolong the life of screen using.
    • Electrical motor safety protection device.
    • Robotic pincher interface.
    All-digital control system uses dedicated controller, multiple CPU processing division, a multi-functional automatic fault detection, alarm system, certificates 99 mold of processing procedures, with remote control interface. System is of high stability and responsiveness. System uses color LCD, man made interface for easy operation and with a number of peripheral interface.
    Injection Unit
    Superior and efficient separating screw and high mixing screw increase the range of material used. And guarantee molten material to be unifform and stable.
    Clamping Unit
    Finite element anaalysis on structure , the mould board is more logical. Stroger and higher fatigue resistance.
    Low pressure protection function greatly prolongs the service life of the mould.
    High precision electron meter is used to control positior
    Mechanical, electric and hydraulic(optional)safety protection are equipped
    Hydraulic System
    • The manual plug valve hydraulic system make the machine having quick and smooth motion response
    • Double proportional valve control pressure and flowl
    • Hydraulic oil cooling device
    • High-performance imported hydraulic unit with optimizing allocation
    • The fuel tank has a big opening hole so can be cleaned easily
    ADVANCED HYDRAULIC SYSTEM DESIGN through proportional control of pressure, flow achieves rapid multi-level pressure, speed switching, the system configuration is reasonable, stable and reliable. The noise is less than 75dB. The medium and large machine adopts a two-way cartridge inserted valve system to improve the system of flow and speed of response, and makes the whole machine reach the best performance.
    Lubrication System
    The following should be focused on when using the lubricating oil:
    • For the selection of the lube oil and grease,please refer to the recommendation in the above chapter;
    Store some lube oil for maintenance need,take care of storage:
    a. The oil barrel oil should be properly sealed;Keep away from water;
    b. Protect the oil containers from exposure to sundhine;
    c. The storage temperature for the oil should not exceed 40
    • Proper lubrication will lengthen the service life;on the contrary, poor lubrication will result in the wear and heat of parts.The clamping unit of the machine employs auto central lubricating device,and the other necessary moving parts have grease nipples for lubrication.
    Lubrication oil is an important factor of the machine.No operation without lubricating,otherwise the equipment will be seriously damaged.
    Safe System
    • The safety devices include safety door and locking-self mechanism.All safety doors are very important to avoid personal to damage by splashing melted material and prevent person from dangers zone.The locking-self mechanism will stop all damage action at any door opening.
    • The safety door limit switch serves to interrupt the mold closing.When the safety door is open,limit switch has been activated to brek the circuit.Its dual circuit control functions of Normally closed and Normail open can stop the motion of the machine.
    In case of any accident or error in the process of operation,first press the emergency stop button (the red projectied one on the lower right corner of the screen),and then turn off the main power supply switch. Find out the causes of fault and do not start the machine until all faults have been rectified.
    Machine Features
    1) Precision hydraulic synchronous template adjusting system
    2) Optimal design of high-strength precision clamping structure, Clamping unit rigidity and accuracy
    3) High-precision computer system, precision control, easily operation, multi operation language available.
    4) World famous brand electrical system
    5) Balanced type of double injection cylinder, eliminate oblique torque
    6) Large torque oil motor
    7) The integrate type oil detachable oil tank, magnetic filter and bypass strainer. Reasonable and highly efficient lubrication system. Modularized energy conservation high response oil system
    8) Highly precise transducer, multi-stage control of opening stroke, speed and position. Flexible tie bars nut eliminate fatigue fracture, assure tie bars long working life.
    9) Security door fitted with hydraulic, mechanical and electrical interlocking triple safety device, fully protect machine operator.
    10) Energy saving system, no extra energy consumption due to output volume changes according to load alteration.
    Our Service
    • Well-trained & experienced staff are to answer all your inquiries in English and Chinese
    • 24 hours for engineer response (all services part 5days in customer hand by Intl' courier).
    • 2 Years guarantee
    • Your business relationship with us will be confidential to any third party.
    • Good after-sle service offered, please get back to us if you got any questions.
    Our Shipping
    For choosing proper machine and saving your time, please read below questions carefully and send your inquiry soon, thanks .
    1. What material you will use(PP PE or PET ?)
    2. Weight for plastic product
    3. Pictures for plastic product (including dimension for plastic product)
    4. What output per hour do you need ?
    5. Other requirements about the machine you want.
    Turnkey Project Service
    1. We will provide all the machines for the complete production according to customer's requirements.
    2. We will provide complete service for factory layout and other information to help customer to build the factory.
    3. We can also provide the raw material to the customer if you need.
    4. We will provide good service for machine installation and training, until the customers can run the machines and make stably production.
    5. Except one year quality guarantee, we will provide after-sell service for all the life.
    6. For long-term cooperation, we always provide good quality, good price and good service to customer. we are the professional and trustable supplier for turnkey projects. Let us do win-win business together.Discount Injection Moulding Machine

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