Doorbells with Intercom: What Are They, Types and Top Picks

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  • Doorbells with Intercom: What Are They, Types and Top Picks

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    Doorbells with Intercom: What Are They, Types and Top Picks

        Doorbells with Intercom: What Are They, Types and Top Picks

        A doorbell with intercom enables you to hear the visitor’s voice when he or she presses your doorbell at your front door, and talk back in real time.

        Some doorbells with intercom and camera can even let you see who and what is at your front porch with your smartphone, so you can, hear and communicate the visitor before opening the door.

        In this article, you will get the main types of doorbell intercom systems in the market, and check the recommendations.

        1. Doorbells with Intercom: What Are They & Types

        2. Doorbells with Intercom Recommendations

        1. Doorbell Intercom Systems: Introduction and Main Types

        Home doorbell intercom systems typically include 2 main types in the market now.

        1. Doorbells with intercoms ONLY are smarter than traditional doorbells that only enable you to hear the “Ding-Dong” voice when someone presses the doorbell on the doorstep.

        Doorbells with voice intercom enable you to communicate with the visitor prior to allowing access to your home.

        Typically this kind of doorbell intercom systems come with 2 parts: the master intercom and door intercom.

        The master intercom enables you to hear and talk to the visitor, while the door intercom is installed on your front door so that your visitors can press the doorbell and talk with you.

        However, this type of doorbells have no cameras, so you can’t see who and what is at your front doorbell.

        There are wired doorbell intercom and wireless doorbell intercom doorbells with intercom in the market now.

        Wired doorbells with audio communication need to be plugged into a power outlet to get power.

        Wireless doorbells with intercom systems are battery powered, so you don’t need to run any wires to install the doorbell systems.

        The above 2 types of doorbells with intercom operate over wireless signal, so you can hear the “Ding-Dong” voice even you are not near the doorbell’s position.

        2. Doorbells with video intercom are the smart type doorbell in the market now.

        This type of smart doorbells can let you see who and what is waiting at your front door via your mobile phone while communicating with the visitors in real time with the built-in speaker and microphone in the doorbell.

        Video doorbell intercom systems come with PoE and wireless types.

        PoE doorbell intercom systems require a Cat 5/6 Ethernet cable to realize both Internet and power connection.

        Wireless video doorbells with intercom are normally powered by battery, and rely on WiFi to provide you with real-time video streaming and two-way audio talk.

        Nowadays, wired or wireless video doorbells with intercom are the most popular doorbell for its versatility and feature-rich design, which combines video streaming, two-way audio, video recordings, and other features into 1 single device.

        Doorbells with intercom only enable you to talk to the visitor before allowing him or her to enter your home. However, if you don’t need to see who is at your front porch but only hear a voice, this type of doorbells is a perfect choice for you.

        You can check the below recommendation on the 2 types of doorbells with intercom respectively to get your preferred choice.

        2. Best Wired and Wireless Doorbells with Intercom: Top Picks with Videos

        Both of the 2 types doorbells with intercom are quite favorable nowadays.

        Many doorbell companies have adopted advanced technology to provide you with high-quality doorbells with the best price.

        You can check the below 3 recommendations.

        1. Aiphone Wireless Doorbell with Intercom

        When opening the package of Aiphone doorbell with intercom, you will see a master intercom and a door intercom.

        This wireless doorbell with voice intercom is a basic and simple doorbell system, that can fit your basic needs.

        Someone presses the button of the door intercom. You push the button of your master intercom, you talk to the visitor, pretty simple and no hassle at all.

        Though this doorbell with intercom is lack of smart features like video streaming, video recordings, etc. it can still act as a qualified doorbell guard for your home.

        2. Ring Smart Wireless Video Doorbell with Intercom and Camera

        Ring Video Doorbell 2, one of the most popular wire-free battery powered smart doorbells in the market now, enables you to see who presses the doorbell via your phone, talk to the person in real time, and store the videos when there are motion events.

        This 3-in-1 smartphone-controlled video doorbell with intercom is super easy to install. With its truly 100% wire-free design, you don’t need to run power cables for it.

        This WiFi doorbell with 2-way intercom and speaker connects to your WiFi, and send you real-time video streaming, so you can simply see if everything goes right around your front door.

        The high-quality doorbell can let you talk to the visitor extremely clearly. You can see how this remote doorbell with intercom works in the video below.

        3. Ring Wired Doorbell with Intercom

        Ring Video Doorbell Pro can let you hear and talk to the visitors with the 2-way audio.

        By connecting this doorbell intercom camera system to the existing doorbell wiring, you don’t need to charge the battery on a daily basis, and no need to worry about the power outage.

        The 1080p Full HD and excellent night vision enable you to see everything clearly via your mobile phone or computer both day and night.

        Please watch the video below to learn more about this doorbell with intercom.


        An Analog Door Phone by itself can only provide a bi-directional communication once installed. In order to provide door access an extra remote controller unit need to be installed as well as a matching door latch. Additionally to connect to your office IP network, an analog Door Phone requires an ATA device.

        An IP Door Phone setup is much simpler and only requires a door latch.

    Doorphone - Can be either IP or Analog. An IP phone will connect directly to your office network and will receive power from it using POE technology (power over Ethernet). An analog phone will need to be connected to a power source, which can be a regular phone line.

        Door latch - The door latch allows for a remote opening of a door. There are mechanical types and magnetic types.

        How to choose video intercom?

        Choosing the video intercom the buyers often do not know a lot about this product. This is not surprising because the video intercom appearedrecently in our lives in comparison with other household utilities (such as TV, telephone, notebook etc). That is why to find more information about a video intercom buyers begin to surf the Internet to find the answer: how to choose video intercom? This article can help you to solve the problem. With our help you will find the real answer.

        Color or black-white picture?

        First of all you have to answer the question yourself do you need the video intercom with black-white picture or more up-to-date color video intercom? Both these variants should be discussed. The black-white variant fits perfectly for the office. But for the private house it is better to choose one of the color video intercoms to make the atmosphere at home secure and comfortable. The video intercom as any other thing in your house is the interior design item. That is why it should fit in the interior.

        As far as we began to talk about the interior we should notice that the manufacturers present their equipment in three color schemes, namely: white, black and grey metallic. Everything depends only from your wishes.

        Anyway having chosen do you want a black-white video intercom or the color one we can move along. Farther we will discuss the color video intercom because we should keep up with the times.

        Do you need a handset?

        As far as the model range is very various it’s time to speak whether you need a device with or without handset. At first let’s discuss the one with a handset. What is the main advantage? It is noteworthy that with a help of handset you can talk with a visitor and others around you won’t hear your conversation what is really necessary sometimes. The video intercom without handset also has own advantages. Firstly, it is very convenient. Secondly, it is up-to-date. The manufacturers expanded the model range without handsets and designed models with touchscreen.

        As a result we can say that you have lots of choice. And it would be easily to make up your mind what you like. Someone likes to use the handset whether others want to use up-to-date function ?Hands free?.

        Is the CRT size important?

        So you choose whether you want the black-white or color video intercom and also make up your mind do you want it with or without handset, than it’s time for you to pay your attention what CRT size you want. The manufacturer Commax Co, Ltd. offers you CRT size 3.5, 5, 7 and 10.2 inches. That is why first of all you should measure the place where you want to install your video intercom. It’s important because sometimes people buy devices and during installation they clear up that there is not enough place for installation. Also you should remember that the devices you’re going to use should be handy for you.

        What the diagonal influences on? It influences on the pictures that is why the bigger the image is the more details you can see. If truth to be told, it doesn’t affect anything, but you shouldn’t spare on the outdoor panel. If you choose the video intercom with the diagonal more than 5 inches, you should take the according panel. Selectingthe outdoor panel you should pay your attention on what viewing angle does it have. For example, for the 5-inches video intercoms fit perfectly outdoor panels with viewing angles V 75°, H 55°.This is enough big viewing angle and you will receive quality image. To compare if we choose, for example, the outdoor panel with theviewing angles V 55°, H 40° for the 5-inches intercom you should be ready that the image will be stretched.

        So if you choose the intercom with big diagonal you should remember that you need an according panel. For the monitor with smaller diagonal fits the outdoor panel with smaller viewing angles. Whether you want big or small picture – it’s you to choose.

        Additional features

        Choosing the Tuya video intercom you should remember that it can have additional features. The main function is to monitor the visitors that stand behind your door during the call. If you buy the 4 Wire Analog video intercom only for this reason you can you choose the simplest model. But the manufacturers continue updating the production. For example, you can choose the model with memory it means that if you’re not at home and you have a visitor, the intercom will record the image automatically. Also you can connect additional cameras besides the one which is in an outdoor panel.


        Let’s sum up everything. Besides the fact the model range is quite huge, to decide what you want is not so hard thing to do. No one apart from you can decide what do you like most of all. It’s you to choose what 4 Wire AHD video intercom you need because no one except you knows your taste and financial possibilities. We hope that this article will help you to make a choice.

        If you have difficulties you can always address to the specialists of the company Slinex that help you to make your choice and give you qualified consultation. Also you can visit our office and see the whole model range. Slinex offers the large range of video intercoms at the affordable price. Slinex group wishes you great deals and is ready to answer all the questions you have.

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