Electric Toothbrush Made in China

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  • Electric Toothbrush Made in China

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    Electric Toothbrush Made in China

    Why is the head of your electric toothbrush tilted
    The 15-degree angle tilt forward design of the brush head is ergonomic, so that the brush head can easily extend into the oral cavity and make cleaning more thorough. Philips and Oral B, two largest electric toothbrush giants in the world, also use this design.
    Why do most domestic electric toothbrush heads have no tilt design?
    Because it is difficult to design it. It is difficlut in mold manufacturing and workers assembly. That is why people do not do it and they are not willing to try on it, but we JSSAN electric toothbrush have done it.
    JSSAN electric toothbrush company has always been committed to provide users with high-quality enjoyment and practical experience at an affordable price. Through unremitting research and development, we finally realized the consumer's dream of " spending CNY100 for the enjoyment worth CNY1000" of electric toothbrushes.
    Product Information
    Model:A72Material:PC, PP
    Brushing Mode:3 ModesWaterproof:IPX7
    Battery:DC 3.7V, 2000mAh Lithium
    Color:Yellow/pink/blue/customizable/Rubber Effect Coating
    Power of toothbrush handle:1.8w
    Power of charging cable:DC5V 2.5W USB
    Weight :118g for toothbrush / 425g for with Gift Box
    OEM/ODM service is welcomed.
    Packaging:Gift Box/Color Box + Blister Lining, CustomizableElectric Toothbrush Made in China

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