Future Gourmet and Rich Family's Favourite Marriage

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  • Future Gourmet and Rich Family's Favourite Marriage

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    Future Gourmet and Rich Family's Favourite Marriage

    Ling Yaoyao stood with her chest encircled and her legs crossed. She raised her eyebrows. Although she was petite, the proud young lady's aura was all open. She said in a cold voice, "What did you say? Just tell me!" Zhen Rou thought that it was better to tell Yaoyao from her than to hear Yaoyao from elsewhere. She said that you had openly hooked up with the second prince Xiao Ming before, but because the second prince did not like you, you had to shift the target, and now you took a fancy to Major General Ling. Also said that you do not return home at night, is to climb the bed of Major General Ling, to be the adopted daughter of the Ling family is not satisfied, but also want to be the young grandmother of the Ling family. My own brother doesn't let go of anything like that. "" Ling suddenly remembered who this Wu Lili was. It was the girl who wrote a love letter to Xiao Ming publicly on Weibo after the senior joint entrance examination, and also @ Xiao Ming and got Xiao Ming's reply. Her micro-blog name is "seeing flowers in a fog", but she was looking for someone to check her information, and her real name is Wu Lili. At that time, the original body let the water army do some things in her life, such as hanging several spare tires at the same time, do not like or refuse, and enjoy the suitors' kindness to her with a good conscience; accept the hand-made gifts from ordinary suitors, pretend to be very moved and like them, turn around and say "poor ghost", and throw them into the trash can without dismantling them; Seduce the boyfriend of a girl who doesn't have a relationship with her, and break up a few days later on the grounds that she's not interested. The behavior of these green tea bitches has all been exposed, except for Wu Lili's real name. Originally, Xiao Ming had some good feelings because of the literary talent between the lines of this girl's micro-blog and the pure and unpretentious style of painting. As a result,ball valve manufacturer, because of the original stirring, Xiao Ming directly blacklisted Wu Lili. In the three-dimensional circle of friends, many people know Wu Lili's Weibo account, and they all know her black material. Even if Wu Lili later bought a lot of water army to whitewash herself, her reputation is not as good as before, all of a sudden from the pure small Lily, into a wild rose. Wu Lili thought that she was now in the same school with Ling Yaoyao. Even if she was honest, Ling Yaoyao,brass tube fitting, a proud young lady, would never let her go. She simply struck first, grabbed Ling Yaoyo's pigtail, and poured dirty water on her first. It's not that brother and sister behave so intimately and live together at night. Nothing can be said to be something! Wu Lili has a bad reputation, and she can't continue to hook up with the second prince cleanly. After listening to what Zhen Rou said, Ling Yaoyao laughed angrily: "Me?"? Hooking up with my brother? Ha ha ha How could I take a fancy to Ling Xuan, an old-fashioned man who only puts on an ice face to me all day, who is very strict with me, who is not allowed to do this or that, and who has no interest at all? Ling Xuan, who went out much later than Ling Yaoyao, just walked into the training ground. The whole training ground became silent in an instant. Ling Yaoyao's words were neither loud nor quiet. At this time, they became very clear. A large circle of people nearby could hear them clearly. Of course, it also includes Ling Xuan, who has a SS-plus constitution and excellent ear strength. Ling Yaoyao, needle valve manufacturer ,38 tube fitting, who had his back to the entrance of the training ground, did not notice Ling Xuan's arrival at all, because he was so angry that he did not feel happy, nor did he notice that Zhen Rou was desperately winking at her. Ling Xuan's face was covered with dark clouds at the moment. Before going out, he blew kisses to him and said, "Brother, I love you." He turned around and picked a lot of thorns on him in public. Very good, Ling Yaoyao! Ling Xuan's voice seemed to quench the ice: "Oh, I didn't know you had so many opinions about me." After a pause, Ling Xuan continued: "In order to live up to your evaluation, I will keep it well and continue to carry it forward." Ling Yaoyao, with a confused face, turned around stiffly and almost wanted to stretch out Erkang's hand:. Wait, brother, let me explain! I just don't like you very much from the point of view of choosing a spouse. I still like you as my brother. You are not a brother, but better than a brother! Everyone looked at the drama of brother and sister "turning against each other" and suddenly believed that they were really just pure brother and sister! I don't know why, but I'm a little proud of the legendary young lady. Dandan's sympathy, but also feel that she is not so arrogant and overbearing, but a little silly. When the assembly began to train military posture and military steps, a girl in the front row suddenly shouted a report, saying that she had something to say.

    This girl is Wu Lili. After the open dialogue between Ling Yaoyao and Ling Xuan just now, many people have completely disbelieved that the two brothers and sisters have any adultery. However, this was only a malicious speculation in private. If she wanted to report Ling Yaoyao in public, she would have been released. If she did not stand up, Wu Lili would have hit her face. No matter their brother and sister two also do not have adultery, anyway Ling Yaoyao night does not return home to violate military regulations is a fact! Ling Xuan only heard Ling Yaoyao's words, and did not know the previous situation. He was not in a good mood now. "What's so urgent about you?" He said coldly. Wu Lili originally thought that no matter how invincible Ling Xuan was, it was also a matter of battlefield, and it was impossible to take her as a little girl. It was not until she faced Ling Xuan's cold eyes that she panicked, and the words she said were also stuttering: "Ling Yaoyao of the Department of Food Therapy, last night, night out, according to the rules of military training, should the credits and penalties of military training be deducted?"? Can it be said that just because she is your sister, drillmaster Ling, you don't have to obey the rules? Several princes participated in military training and did not have such special treatment! Speaking of the back, Wu Lili and justifiably up, no matter how powerful the Ling family, can it be more powerful than the royal family? Not to mention the royal family, she even mentioned the royal family, this is more than to report a Ling Yaoyao, it is to disrespect the royal arrogant hat to the Ling family buckle! Many people laughed at Wu Lili in their hearts for rushing to her death, and they really couldn't stop her. The Ling family is certainly not as powerful as the royal family, but Ling Xuan has just made great contributions to beat back the century-old insect tide, and the fighting power of the Grey Wolf Legion has also leaped to the most powerful of the six legions. Even the royal family had to be afraid to rely on, how could it be possible to fall out with the Ling family, the head of the military family, because of this little thing? No matter how much Xiao Ming doesn't like Ling Yaoyao,stainless steel tube fitting, every time Ling Yaoyao @ him, does he still have to reply? Even if the royal family has any ideas, they only dare to do it in private at most. chinaroke.com

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