Gantry Cnc Plasma

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  • Gantry Cnc Plasma

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    Gantry Cnc Plasma

    Gantry Cnc Plasma  Cnc plasma cutting machine,mid gantry type MS-GM by Meisar CNC is the most classical CNC plasma cutting machine,meanwhile also can be with cnc flame cutting.It provide your fabrication shops with the most efficient metal sheet CNC cutting solutions.
    Advanced Structure
    1.>Mid gantry Box shape and dual driving gantry structure,release gravity and stress,ensure good condition in long life.
    2.>Cross-beam adopts the box welding structure,material uses 8mm national standard steel plate after laser cutting,the frame upper surface and back used the bending machine to break into 90 degrees arc,greatly increase the whole machine beam rigidity,lengthens the service life.
    3.>The front of frame is with 18mm steel plate after welding with the entire surface of the planer,greatly reduce the total deformation of the machine,improve the accuracy of the machinery,the whole machine is by heat treatment to eliminate stress,with good rigidity,not deformation,high precision,light weight,small inertia characteristics.
    4.>Reasonable gantry size:3.0m-3.5m,suitable all kinds of metal sheet.
    5.>Divided basis and cutting platform,good rigidity,easy installation and disassemble,not weight limit to cutting material.
    6.>Longitudinal drive frame(support frame): The two ends are equipped with a horizontal guide wheel,which can adjust the clamping degree of the eccentric on the bottom of the drive frame,keep the whole machine in a stable direction in the movement.Equipped with track dust collectors,at any time to scrape debris accumulated on the guide surface.
    7.>Taiwan linear guide+fine finished train rail+G6 rack and pinion,Powerful step/Panasonic Servo+Planetary gear box; perfect running precise and stable transmission.Longitudinal and transverse drive all have precision gear rack to drive.Cross-guide rail using precision cold-drawn guide plate,longitudinal guide is train rail-type rail through the precision processing,deceleration device is using Taiwan imported precision gear reducer,to ensure cutting quality during the same-direction cutting.
    8.>Ball screw torch height controller,accuracy and safty.
    9.>Separated Electric cabinet and CNC controller,safe operation,easy maintaince.
    Powerful CNC Controller
    1.>Break point & power off restroration.
    2.>Kerf compensation.
    3.>Built-in library,Common figures,sustain professional nesting(common line etc) .
    4.>10.4' Monitor,64M memory for programs.
    5.>Corner speed automatically adapt....
    RFQ:How many gantry type you manufacture?
    A:We produce three types gantry cnc cutting machine for plasma and of flame cutting:
    We produce mid gantry,normal beam 3.0-3.5m.
    We produce big gantry,normal beam 4.0-5.0m.
    We produce heavy gantry,normal beam 4.0-8.0m.
    RFQ:Should we select plasma or flame cutting way?
    A:Plasma can cut mild steel, stainless steel, zinc material etc; flame cutting only cut mild steel.
    Plasma cutting thickness normally 0-25mm; flame cutting thickness normally 6-300mm.
    RFQ:What is the Delivery Time?
    A:Within 15 workdays after confirming the advance payment.
    Why select Meisar CNC?
    High End!Professional!Create 100 Times Value for You!Gantry Cnc Plasma

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