Granite Engraving Machine Price CNC Stone Engraving Machine

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  • Granite Engraving Machine Price CNC Stone Engraving Machine

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    Granite Engraving Machine Price CNC Stone Engraving Machine

    Granite engraving machine price , stone carving art originated earlier in the past, and it also reflects the needs of the folks. After the appearance of the stone engraving machine, it can be said that it has improved and improved our living standards in many aspects. The product that used to take half a month of labor to complete, today the cnc router machine can be completed in one hour, and it also greatly reduces labor costs. With the emergence of cnc router stone engraving machine, our interior decoration industry is becoming more and more artistic, high-end and large-scale.

    cnc stone engraving machineGranite engraving machine price

    Granite engraving machine price

    Professional cnc router stone engraving machine dedicated to stone processing

    The type of engraving machine stone is different for different stone materials, and the engraving method is not necessary.

    1. Plane carving:

    Plane carving is the simplest kind of carving, which is basically carving on stone. The image is carved out and the photo is hidden.

    There are two types of plane carving: reverse carving and forward carving. The so-called reverse engraving means that the engraving pattern is lower than the surface of the stone. Engraving is the opposite.

    Applicable objects: Plane carvings often appear on the ring line of the cabinet door core board, the skirting board on the dental plaque seat and the hanging teeth, etc.

    2. Relief

    As a two-dimensional relief is to preserve the image, and then remove the rest.

    Applicable objects: More use in construction, and often seen on utensils. Because of its compression characteristics, it occupies a small space, so it is suitable for decoration in various environments.

    3. Three-dimensional sculpture

    It is the overall performance of sculpture art, also called circular sculpture.

    Applicable objects: fountain or garden and indoor

    4. Shadow sculpture

    The shadow sculpture resembles the reality of photography. Use solid color stone, such as black jade and Shanxi black. According to the principle of black and white light and shadow imaging, a special needle-shaped small alloy steel head tool is used. Wrist force adjusts the thickness, depth and dotted line of the needle tip to represent the image. Has a unique artistic charm.

    Cnc Stone Engraving Machine Features:
    1. Machine bed is welded tubular steel structure, less vibration while fast speed running.

    2. Adopt Stainless Steel Water tank in case of  turning rusty after long time water touch.

    3. Installed with water spraying nozzle to cycle water for cooling bits .the cycled water will flow into storage tank and be cycled.

    4. Powerful water-cooling constant torque spindles, durable usage .

    5. Import linear square HIWIN rails on XYZ .

    6. Two spindles greatly improving production efficiency.

    Stone cnc engraving machine Application

    Suitable for stone industry, stone tablet processing industry, art relief, advertising industry, decoration industry, ceramic industry

    CNC Stone Engraving Machine Applicable Materials

    Marble, granite, jade, bluestone, black stone and other stone materials, as well as ceramics, glass, plexiglass, PVC board, aluminum-plastic board, bamboo and other materials.

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