Hand Held Bidet – Benefits

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  • Hand Held Bidet – Benefits

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    Hand Held Bidet – Benefits

      When the world is moving towards healthier choices, you shouldn’t be left behind either. Let’s take a peek at the what's and whys of this Bidet sprayer and you can see for yourself if it is worth all its hype!

        What is a bidet spray?

        The bathtub sprayer is essentially a hand-held toilet shower, which is used for cleaning after relaxation.

        The shower head is connected to the end of the long hose connected to the water inlet. By pressing the trigger, the water flow can be easily controlled from mild injection to high-pressure injection. Release the lever to turn off the water immediately.

        Bidet shower is very common in India, most other Asian countries and Islamic countries. It is also called sanitary faucet,  shattaf bidet spray or layman's burning gun.

        Why consider installing one?

        There are many reasons for choosing to use a handheld bathing basin spray. We list two important issues below.

        Reduce the chance of bacterial infection: wiping with toilet paper may still leave some feces. Washing with water is just like washing your hands after going to the toilet. It is cleaner, so it is safer and more hygienic.

        Eco friendly: as you may have realized, it no longer needs to spend a lot of money on toilet paper. This is fully manually controlled and therefore replaces the electric water jet toilet being used.

        This is a perfect DIY project!

        If setting up and repairing things is your business, then setting up the handheld bathtub sprayer kit in the toilet may be your next project, or even your first project, because it is very simple!

        The kit includes a T valve adapter, a flexible hose, a sprayer bracket, an oil tank side hook and a sprinkler head.

        Buying and installing a hand-held bidet shower is a one-time cost, and the increased water consumption will not be offset by your savings. Therefore, this zinc shattaf bidet spray will certainly reduce your pocket, especially considering the long life of the product.

        As you search for a new bathroom & kitchen faucet, you’ll see a number of other options to choose from that influence the overall style and operation of the faucet in your home. It’s a good idea to understand the basic configurations before you choose, to be aware of the product information and ensure you get exactly the features you want.

        In a counter- or deck-mounted installation, kitchen faucets can be mounted on the counter or sink edge. Deck mounted is the more common style, and it helps draw attention to the sink as a design element in your kitchen. Here you’ll find the largest variety of faucets, ranging from single-hole mounts to up to three-hole mounts, in all sizes and finishes. Wall-mounted kitchen faucets are often found in more commercial or industrial locations, with a unique and modern style. Home kitchens, laundry rooms, garages, and greenhouses often rely on wall-mounted faucets for their space-saving design. In smaller kitchens with limited counter space, wall-mounted faucets free up the counter and allow different design options for the sink, and unique plumbing profile lines.

        Valves are mechanical or electro-mechanical devices that are used to control the movement of liquids, gases, powders, etc. through pipes or tubes, or from tanks or other containers. In most instances, valves rely on some form of mechanical barrier—a plate, a ball, a diaphragm, for example—that can be inserted and removed from the flow stream of the material passing by. Some valves are designed as on-off varieties, while others allow very fine control of the passage of media.

        Ball Valves are quarter-turn valves incorporating ported spheres that swivel in the pipe stream to either block, or allow, flow. Special designs are available which enable a degree of flow regulation. Key specifications include the number of ports, port configuration, port connections, valve size, and the materials that make up the valve body, its seat, seal, and stem packing. Ball valves are used practically anywhere a fluid flow must be shut off, from a compressed-air line to a high-pressure, hydraulic system. Ball valves can provide low head-loss characteristics as the port can exactly match the pipe diameter. Ball valves also tend to seal better than butterfly valves, but they can be costlier to purchase and maintain. Typically they are actuated with a lever which provides a visual indication of the valve status.

        Float Valves are mechanical devices that use hollow spheres or other shapes mounted on levers or tracks which open and close fluid inlets. A float valve is used primarily for maintaining fluid in a tank at a specific level. Key specifications include the intended application, port connections, valve size, float size, and the materials that make up the valve body, its seal and float. Float valves are used in bathroom toilets to replenish the water level after a flush and in many tank-level control systems.

        Globe valves are used for shut-off and regulating, and are used in wastewater plants, food processing facilities, and process plants, for example. The most common variety is the Z-style valve, so-called because of the path through which the fluid follows through the valve body. These two right-angle turns that the fluid must make through the valve account for the design’s relatively high head losses. A less restrictive design is the Y-style valve, which orients the valve stem at 45° to the valve body. Another style is the angle valve, which turns the flow 90°.

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