How to start a rice milling business

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  • How to start a rice milling business

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    How to start a rice milling business

    Do you want to know the steps to setting up a rice milling business? Do you want to know how to get your own custom package rice product to sell? This article will show you all the steps involve.In our earlier article, we have discussed in details how to start a rice farming business. The steps discuss will help you put your rice business idea into reality. Today, I will be sharing the procedures to starting a rice milling business.

        Rice is a staple food in most of the countries in the world. The rice farmers grow, sell the rice and use it as the major daily food source. Rice milling business has been around for a long time. Especially in countries where rice farming is their major source of income. According to reports, the middle east is the leading import and export region. This account for 35% of world’s rice imports and about 75% of total exports. However, rice milling business is one of the business in the agriculture that grows fast and help in economic development.

        What is rice milling?

        This is the step in the post production of rice that involves the removal of husk and bran layers, which produce rice that can be edible free of impurities.

        The rice comprises of about 20% of husk and 11% bran layers, which leaves you with about 69% edible rice free from impurities.

        Want to start a rice milling business? Do you want to invest in rice milling business? If your answer is yes, read on. In this article, you’ll have a complete overview on how to start and run rice mill business.

        The raw material is available

        The major raw material is rice cultivated from the rice farmers. It’s going to be difficult to run out of it. Because more people are starting their rice farm.

        You can find people who will need the services of your rice mill in removing their husk and padding.

        Profit can come from the husk too

        Apart from the services and the product you do, the rice husk can also make you profit. The husk is used to create poultry feed and sheep.

        You’re reducing unemployment

        Modern rice milling process requires the use of modern rice milling machines which will be handled by people you employed. It simply means you’re reducing people redundancy by creating job opportunities.

        Challenges of the rice milling business

        It can be capital intensive

        Modern rice milling machines are what makes the milling process easier and get the desired finish product. But the machines can be capital intensive. For many who are not financially buoyant, you’ll need to find investors who can invest in the business. And you can’t find someone to finance the business, it becomes really difficult to put the rice milling business idea to work.

        Constant maintenance is required

        Unlike traditional rice milling machines, the modern iron roller rice mill will require routine maintenance for it to give the required efficiency that produces the desired output. The cost of maintaining such machines can be expensive.

        Rice milling is one of the post-harvest handling technology that is quite popular in agriculture (rice farmers). This discrete rice mill mchine has helped many farmers in terms of processing paddy to rice. In the aspect of business, these machines are also able to increase the marketability of agricultural products as opposed to selling in the form of paddy directly. On the other hand, demand for rice continues to increase, because rice has been a staple food for most countries in the world. Hence the development of rice mill machine is more effective, more efficient and more quality is promising. In the processing of un-hulled rice, in order to produce high-quality rice, we have to use some machines like paddy rice huller machine, husk separator, rice polisher and rice sifter.

        (1) Paddy rice huller machine is used to break and release bran (husk). Input materials of this machine is a un-hulled rice with a moisture content of about 14% and output in the form of brown rice (pure white).

        (2) Husk separator is used to separate grain of rice and husk using a blower system. The system utilizes the difference in specific gravity between rice and husk. Rice husking machine has a smaller specific gravity to be sucked by the blower, while rice tend not to be affected by the air blower and straight out through the rice outlet.

        (3) Rice grinder is used to remove the epidermis (aleuron) on brown rice to produce white rice that is ready to be marketed or cooked. This machine uses the screw extruder system in the cylinder which has the inner surface uneven. When brown rice fed into the cylinder it will jostle and rub against the cylinder surface which causes the epidermis to be eroded.

        (4) Grain grinding machine is used to separate the rice based group quality such as whole rice (best quality) and broken rice (second quality). This machine uses a filter screen plate or cylinder shaped. Rice with some sort of quality level will be mixed again with a certain ratio to determine the selling price before the rice is packaged to be marketed.

        This article will explain in more detail on the description of the machine, but it is limited to brown rice huller and separator machine. Both machines will be combined into one machine as the title of this article, namely combined rice machine: paddy rice huller, chaff cutter and husk separator. Description of these machines include machine construction, main part of the machine, basic concept of brown rice huller and separator, machine  principle and machine operation.

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