Industrial Xanthan Gum manufacturers

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  • Industrial Xanthan Gum manufacturers

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    Industrial Xanthan Gum manufacturers

    Huge market for xanthan powder is petroleum industry. In the performance of Viscosity, thickening, salt resistance and contamination resistance, xanthan gum transparent grade is far better than other polymer, including the ordinary oil drilling grade; especially in the well drilling of sea, beach, high halide layer and permafrost layer, stabilizer xanthan gum has remarkable effect in sludge treatment, completion fluid, and tertiary oil recovery, and has significant function for accelerating drilling speed, preventing the well collapse, protecting oil and gas fields, preventing the blowout, enhancing oil recovery rate substantially, etc. As a kind of ideal additive, transparent xanthan gum has very favorable development prospect.
    1. Suspension and emulsification
    Transparent Xanthan gum has a good suspension effect on insoluble solids and oil droplets. Xanthan gum sol molecule can form super combination of banded spiral copolymer, constitute a fragile similar plastic mesh structure, so that can support the shape of the solid particles, liquid droplets, and bubbles, showed a strong ability of emulsion stability and high suspended its unique high viscosity at low shear conditions, make the low concentration of drilling fluid suspended solid matter.
    2. Water soluble
    Transparent Xanthan gum can be quickly dissolved in water, has excellent water solubility. Especially in cold water can also dissolve, can save complex processing, easy to use. But because it has a very strong hydrophilic, if the direct addition of water is small and stirring is not sufficient, the outer water absorption expanded into micelles, will prevent water into the inner layer, thereby affecting the play of the role.
    3. Temperature resistance, salt resistance, rheological properties
    Transparent Xanthan gum drilling fluid system has excellent temperature resistance, salt resistance, rheology properties. In viscosity, thickening, salt resistance, contamination resistance, etc, is far more powerful than the other polymers, especially in the high sea, beach, halogen and permafrost layer, completion fluid used in drilling mud treatment and tertiary oil recovery and so on, to speed up drilling speed, prevent the well collapse, protecting oil and gas fields, to prevent the blowout and greatly enhance oil recovery rate, etc have obvious effect.

    AppearancePale Brown or Off White Powder
    pH Value5-8.5
    Loss on Drying, %鈮?5
    Rheological Properties3rpm鈮?2.5,
    Particle Size,40, 80 mesh

    Package 锛?/strong>
    25kg/carton or bag lined with a polyethylene bag, shrinkwrapped on pallets or xanthan gum in bulk. Customer鈥檚 request is also available.

    Storage and Shelf Life:
    Keep original packaging sealed, in water-proof, clean and dry conditions. Stay away from heat and moisture.
    2 years after production stored as above requested.
    Detailed specification and technical information are available upon request. Our technical team members are ready to customize the product specially for your demand.Industrial Xanthan Gum manufacturers

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