Injection Ferrite price

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  • Injection Ferrite price

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    Injection Ferrite price

    Injection Ferrite price  Injection Ferrite Magnets, also called plastic magnets, are made of magnetic powder and resin (PA6 / PA12 / PA66 / PPS blend) by injection molding process. It can be made complicated shapes magnets with precise sizes. It can be inserted in metal and plastic parts. Mainly for the automation equipment, permanent magnet DC motor, axial flow fan, motor, frequency conversion air conditioning instrument motor etc., It is indispensable to precision micromotor and automation industry source and constant magnetic source, and have no substitute other magnet and unparalleled superiority.
    Complex shape
    High precision
    Multi pole magnetizing
    Not easy cracked with plasticity
    Injection molding processing
    Over-injection molding on shaft or plasticsInjection Ferrite price

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