Is a Bamboo Toothbrush Right for You?

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  • Is a Bamboo Toothbrush Right for You?

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    Is a Bamboo Toothbrush Right for You?

        Is a Bamboo Toothbrush Right for You?
                    As more and more people reconsider plastic products, bamboo toothbrush isbecoming a popular alternative to the plastic kind. We produce more than 359 million metric tons of plastic every year, and a lot of it ends up in landfills. Plastic isn't designed to break down. Some plastic products like straws and toothbrushes are difficult to recycle. Bamboo toothbrushes aren't a new product, but before you make the switch, find out more about why bamboo may be an excellent alternative to reduce plastic waste at home.
                    What is a bamboo toothbrush?
                    Bamboo toothbrushes are manual toothbrushes, similar in design to what you would find on any store shelf. A bamboo toothbrush has a long handle and bristles to remove food debris and plaque from your teeth. The critical difference is that the long handle is made from more sustainable bamboo instead of plastic.
                    Bamboo toothbrushes are one of the oldest types of toothbrushes. The earliest toothbrushes were made in China using bamboo and other natural materials, like using boar's hair for the bristles. Today's bamboo toothbrushes use nylon for the bristles like most toothbrushes today. Some manufacturers still use boar's hair for the bristles or infuse the bristles with activated charcoal.
                    Are bamboo toothbrushes better for the environment?
                    Bamboo does have a smaller ecological footprint than plastic because bamboo plants grow quickly, regrowing what was taken for the production of the toothbrush. Bamboo is also biodegradable if used in its raw form, such as for toothbrush handles.
                    When the nylon bristles are removed, bamboo toothbrush handles can be composted, reused as garden plant markers, or other household uses! However, just like plastic toothbrush handles, they will take up space in a landfill if just thrown away.
                    Fully biodegradable toothbrushes do exist, with natural fibers for the bristles. Keep in mind that these natural bristles tend to be rougher than nylon bristles, possibly causing wear on your enamel and contribute to receding gums. Speak to your dental hygienist about biodegradable toothbrushes or environmentally-friendly toothbrushes, and they may have recommendations.
                    Are bamboo toothbrushes good for my teeth?           
                    Bamboo toothbrushes can be just as good for your teeth as plastic toothbrushes. When choosing any kind of toothbrush, consider the size of the head, the shape of the handle, and the bristles. Toothbrushes that can easily fit into the narrow areas of your mouth with soft bristles and a comfortable handle are the best.
                    You should replace your toothbrush every three to four months or if there is visible damage to the bristles. Replacing your old toothbrush with a new one will help keep your teeth clean. Suppose you have more questions about switching to a bamboo toothbrush. In that case, your dental hygienist can make other recommendations that will keep your mouth healthy while considering plastic waste.


            It was while I was growing up that ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’ became popular. The movement toward being aware of, and protecting, our environment came of age and everyone was looking at ways to lessen our impact on the environment. These days we have evolved to a place where we’re looking for alternatives to materials that harm our environment. One of the best kids bamboo toothbrush benefits is that it is a renewable resource that is grown organically; one of the most environmentally friendly products available.
        Bamboo Toothbrush Benefits

        Bamboo toothbrush benefits encompass more than just the actual contribution to saving the environment. There is also the conscientiousness of knowing that actions you are taking will preserve plants and trees, rivers and streams, far into the future.

        Six Reasons To Switch To A Bamboo Toothbrush

        There are a number of reusable hotel bamboo toothbrush benefits to convince you to switch from what you’re using now to bamboo:

        Biodegradable. Bamboo is biodegradable. Unlike plastic, which can take up to 1000 (!) years to decompose, bamboo can decompose in as little as 4 months (although it will likely take 3 to 4 years). Knowing that you are using a material that will biodegrade so quickly is the number one reason to switch to a bamboo toothbrush.

        Renewable resource. Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world. It is an infinitely renewable resource ensuring that the supply not diminish and that we are not removing a vital plant in the eco-system from the world.

        Antimicrobial properties. This one is definitely a little controversial. ‘Bamboo kun’ is a natural substance within bamboo that helps the plant grow and mature quickly before harvesting. It’s not understood, however, if these antimicrobial properties continue after harvesting or after being transformed into household objects or fabric. It remains, however, an interesting point.

        Longevity. Lest you be concerned that a material that degrades so quickly might not be reliable; let me alleviate that. Bamboo toothbrushes last as long as, or longer, than plastic toothbrushes of the same type. Bamboo is strong, resilient, and reliable for far longer than the recommended 3 or 4 month replacement rate for toothbrushes. You may be more inclined to heed that recommendation knowing that bamboo is so biodegradable and good for the environment.

        Affordability. Bamboo toothbrushes aren’t any more expensive than a good quality plastic toothbrush! You can pick one up for the same couple of bucks you were going to spend anyway.

        Environmentally friendly. This deserves mentioning again. Not only is bamboo efficiently biodegradable, it’s also infinitely renewable, and is strong, resilient, and reliable – making it one of the most environmentally friendly materials out there.

        Things to Like:

        Recycled, biodegradable packaging

        Activated charcoal embedded bristles

        Smooth surface for a good mouthfeel

        These environmentally friendly, biodegradable biodegradable family bamboo toothbrush is also cruelty free and vegan friendly. You can be sure that your impact on the world is limited when using these daily.

        The best part about these toothbrushes is that they work as well as regular, plastic toothbrushes. The BPA free bristles clean effectively and are long lasting. They are charcoal infused; which is thought to help in preventing bacteria build up in the toothbrush between cleanings. The handle is strong and smooth for a good mouth feel.

        Each individually wrapped toothbrush is embossed with a number; to help each member of your family know which toothbrush is theirs.

        10 Amazing Benefits of Combing Your Hair with a Wooden Comb

        Nature has bestowed us with many good things, and wood is one of them. Apart from being used in various ways to make our lives more comfortable, wood can also be carved into combs and used for grooming our tresses. From time immemorial, people have been using wooden combs to maintain the health and beauty of their mane. Here are some amazing benefits of using a wooden comb:

        1. A Healthy Scalp

        A healthy scalp supports healthy locks, and one of the natural ways of taking care of your scalp is by using a wooden comb. When you use a wooden comb to brush your hair, it presses against your scalp and triggers the acupuncture points and also gives a massage to your scalp. All this proves to be good for the overall blood circulation to your scalp and proves to be of great benefit for your hair.

        2. Nourishes the Hair

        If you are wondering how a sandalwood comb benefits your hair, well, whenever you use a wooden comb instead of a plastic comb, the natural oils present in your scalp get equally distributed across your tresses. Using a wooden comb not only reduces the chances of hair breakage and hair fall but it also helps to make your hair shinier, bouncer and healthier.

        3. Promotes Hair Growth

        If you wish to have healthy and long tresses, then do try using a wooden comb. This is because a wooden comb improves the blood flow to your scalp, which in return helps the hair follicles get optimum nutrients. It also helps in eliminating or removing impurities by regulating the production of sebum.

        4. Prevents Greasiness

        Most of us may be battling a greasy scalp, which results from the uneven distribution of natural oils secreted by sebaceous glands. However, when you use a wooden comb, the oil gets evenly distributed not only across your scalp but also across the length of your hair. This leaves your hair less greasy or oily in comparison to what may occur after using a plastic or PVC comb.

        5. Prevents Breakage and Hair Loss

        Using a wooden comb may prove better for your hair than a plastic comb. This is because a wooden comb slides smoothly through the hair, leading to less breakage and damage. Also, it has wider bristles, which move easily through the hair. That reduces friction and helps in detangling the hair in a better way.

        6. Prevents Dandruff

        Dandruff can be a very annoying scalp problem and a never-ending battle with the white scaly flakes. However, using wooden combs can help you prevent this issue because it is not only gentler and softer on your hair and scalp, but also prevents any harm to the scalp that may be caused due to friction, cuts or nicks.

        7. Removes Foreign Particles and Dirt from Hair

        Pear wood comb is very common for our hair to attract dirt or foreign particles. However, using a wooden comb can help in getting rid of these. This is because unlike metal or plastic combs that attract such substances because of the heavy charge in them, wooden combs may easily help in clearing any such substances from your hair and scalp.

        8. Prevents Allergies

        Plastic or metal combs may sometimes irritate or cause an allergic reaction on the skin. If you have a sensitive scalp, then using a wooden comb may be a wise thing to do. This is because these combs are made with natural components and some of these even come with a protective coating. Hence, they are less likely to irritate or cause any kind of allergic reaction on your scalp as compared to plastic combs.

        9. Prevents Static Damage

        Static is one of the worst things that can happen to your hair because it makes your hair more prone to damage and breakage. This condition becomes more pronounced when you use metal or plastic combs. However, wooden combs prevent your tresses from getting static and thus prove to be better for your hair.

        10. Adds Bounce

        If you are wondering what the various neem-wood comb benefits are, well, a neem comb or any wooden comb can give you bouncy tresses. When you use a wooden comb regularly, your scalp will be nourished with proper blood circulation and optimum blood circulation. Together, all this will lend a healthy bounce to your hair.

        Kraft Boxes Types and Their Advantages

        In today's world, there are a variety of different types of kraft paper box on the market, often used for different purposes such as shipping, gifts, and packaging. However, the Kraft boxes are the most popular paper boxes that apply to the diverse range of packaging.

        The Kraft boxes change our world through their various packaging uses. They bring convenience to our lives when it comes to packing so many different products. Although there is a variety of custom carton packaging on the market today, many customers still prefer packaging boxes made of Kraft paper. First, Kraft boxes are environmentally friendly because they are made of high-quality pine materials. These Kraft boxes are completely recyclable. Second, Kraft boxes are strong enough to safely preserve and transport products inside them. Third, pine wood pulp plays a very important role in the manufacture of high-quality products. In addition, the use of Kraft materials is not harmful to the ecosystem.

        Kraft paper is the material that makes these Kraft boxes, which is why they are named after it. Every industry has a variety of boxes made of Kraft paper, many of which you can't even imagine. Their wide range of uses provides us with a variety types Kraft boxes. Here let me share the top 10 Kraft boxes types and their advantages with you.

        This kind of Kraft box is fold-able and flat shipped boxes. They are very commonly used Kraft box style, it has a Kraft paper sleeve and a sliding drawer, both are folded with a piece of Kraft paper. The sleeve can also be made of clear plastic, our store supply this kind Kraft boxes in a number of colors and sizes, you can click below image and shop now.

        We can notice this type of Kraft boxes in almost all types of stores. From confectionery shops to cosmetics, decorations and even grocery stores, this Kraft box is available on their counter-tops. The advantage of using these Kraft boxes is to attract customers and enhance their impulsive purchases. Even in big brand stores, the reception desk has these Kraft boxes for advertising purposes. Because these boxes don't require much space to place. So they are very popular with sellers. These counter display Kraft boxes can be customized to any size and shaped advertising panel to suit packing various products in the market. They are a great way to brand your products.

        We all know the jewelry box in rigid chipboard or plastic. Also, Kraft boxes are another packaging made for the jewelry business. Jewelry Kraft boxes are best suited affordable packaging for storing jewelry or selling handmade jewelry on the market to make a profit. Popular jewelry brands are using these boxes to differentiate their brands from other brands. A simple and natural Kraft box with white foam insert is a nice choice for protecting and organizing the jewelry like necklace, earrings to stand out their luster.

        Together with cosmetics, these Kraft boxes are perfect suit. We are well aware that products that need to be used on the skin require quality packaging to protect their internal products. As a result, we often see Kraft cartons for lipstick, mascara, eye shadow and foundation in our daily lives.

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