Knights of the Holy Wings

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  • Knights of the Holy Wings

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    Knights of the Holy Wings

    Vinylon had to nod, followed him in, is sitting on a special secret car, there are hundreds of secret laboratories in the Institute, all underground, through the rail car to enter, even researchers must take this kind of car to enter, in addition to the guards in charge of this laboratory alone know the route to the laboratory, other people know nothing. And the guards of each laboratory only know the passage of this laboratory, and nothing else. With doubts, Vinylon followed Yafengsi to the secret car. Yafengsi chatted with him gently all the way, but Vinylon was so talented that he still did not relax his vigilance and always felt that something was wrong. The rail car was moving very fast, and within 20 minutes, they had arrived. Yafengsi took Vinylon into the laboratory, and the rare feeling of nervousness let Vinylon know that this project was very unusual. The secrecy of the laboratory was absolutely at the highest level that Vinylon knew. Layers of light-brain defense doors opened and entered the room. He was surprised to find that the entire second floor of the laboratory was equipped with electronic machine gun equipment. Is this research? If it weren't for his strong self-confidence, Vinylon would even suspect that he was going to be murdered. Inside the laboratory, Yafengsi re-locked the layers of doors, and several researchers stood up to greet them. When Vinylon saw their faces,carnosic acid price, some cold sweat came down. What are you doing? Vinylon could not restrain some excitement: "Is this project made by Li Jin?"? You've taken over the Imperial Institute to hide it! Yafengsi smiled and said, "Oh, Lord Weilun is really clever. Now, we dare not hide it from you. This project is entrusted by Lord Lijin." Vinylon bit his lip. "Are you his man, too?" Yafengsi did not answer, but went on to say: "These are all people who have worked for Lord Vinylon. I think they will work together more harmoniously. Lord Lijin attaches great importance to this project. Only success is allowed, not failure." Vinylon looked at him coldly: "I don't even know what the project is,ghana seed extract, how can I know success or failure?"? And I won't do what I don't want to do. Even if Likin is here, I won't do it! "Look where you're going!" Yafengsi laughed. "This research project, to put it bluntly, is a combination of neurons and implants. What is Lord Vinylon worried about?" Vinylon didn't fall for it: "Ordinary body modification?"? Then they can do it. Any one of them is the best scientist in the Empire. Do you need me? Yafengsi waved his hand again and again: "Of course, it's not ordinary. To be exact, it's the top, the best, the most advanced, unprecedented, unique, and world-shaking. I say so. Is Lord Vinylon interested?" Sure enough, there was a blazing light in Velenar's eyes, which was the most excited and eager eyes of the people engaged in research. Tell me, gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract ,akba boswellic acid, how can a transformation be as fantastic as you say? "Lord Likin was commissioned by his employer to transform the body into the most perfect fighting machine, in every way." Yafengsi smiled and spread out his hands. "Do you understand?"? It's not enhancement, it's perfection.

    ” Vinylon stood opposite him, stupefied for a long time, and finally absorbed the meaning of what he said: "End." Beauty? "Yes!"! Perfect Vinylon restrained his excitement and quickly thought of something suspicious: "This is a fool's dream. Even if I can design such a perfect body, where can I find such a person?" "If I could have a body that accepts this kind of transformation, I would have completed my dream research project long ago. How could I wait until now? The human body has a limit. If one or two implants are implanted into the body, it will be strong and abnormal. Now you say that if you want to be perfect, what kind of body can meet the standard?" "Don't worry. Someone has sent a clone to Lord Likin, which is likely to meet this requirement. Of course, if you are not confident of success, you can give up. We can trust your character very much. Besides, with your friendship with Lord Likin, there is no need to worry that we will be unfavorable to you." Vinylon's face changed for a long time, and finally nodded: "OK, I accept, but I do not guarantee that it will be perfect, it also depends on the physical quality of the bearer." When Yafeng heard that he agreed, he immediately became excited and pulled him to the inside of the laboratory, where the human body was stored. In fact, the Prussian Empire has long had the science and technology of human body transformation. Ordinary citizens, as long as they can afford it, can go to medical reform institutions for transformation, such as making themselves run faster and jump higher, which is nothing new at all. But the transformation of neurons and implants mentioned by Vinylon is not ordinary, but can completely change a person's physical quality, such as the transformation of a pair of eyes with electronic visual inspection, strong to abnormal strike and mental strength, and so on. And a person's body, only need to successfully implant one or two, can stand among the first-class masters, and this transformation has no sequelae to the body, the only defect is that the body itself has excellent quality and mental strength, otherwise once the transformation fails, the person who accepts the transformation will even be in danger of life. The Empire once carried out such a research project, which was studied by the elite of the nobility. Most of them gave up because the body could not bear the pain of implantation. It was rumored that some people survived successfully, but so far no one has seen it. Later, when a brilliant teenager died during the experiment, the project disappeared in disgrace. Vinylon is very obsessed with the human body transformation project. He is eager to transform the human body, make people more excellent, and make people's mental strength stronger. Imagine how exciting it will be when the human body completely transcends itself and becomes a more perfect and powerful species! But no one is willing to mention this kind of project again,glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate, and he has not done it again. As for whether there is any secret research, of course, I do not know.

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