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    Robotic Sweeper manufacturers

    Robotic Sweeper manufacturers  Robot street sweeper 111 is a small commercial sweeping robot, suitable for commercial plazas, full parks, campuses, scenic spots, sloping roads, multi-storey parking lots and industrial parks. The sweeping width is 1200 mm, the garbage is emptied automatically, with little manual intervention, and the sweeping capacity is 6000 square meters per hour. Finish cleaning up dead leaves, sand, dust, industrial waste, beverage bottles, paper balls and other debris.
    We has built a full line of commercial cleaning robot with its own core technology, which can target indoor and outdoor floor cleaning and maintenance work. It has been exported to 15 countries, covering more than 300 customers. Outdoor robotic sweeper 111 fully integrated users needs of the different scene into the product design to minimize manual intervention and easily cope with complex interior and exterior fields.
    10 core functions of Robot street sweeper 111:
    Automatically recognize the environment and move around automatically.
    Optional functions: automatic charging, automatic garbage dump.
    Auto report task details, return task progress
    Self-powered suction air, effectively removing dust.
    Super edge cleaning, automatic cleaning.
    Intelligent voice, touch screen, APP and other humanized interaction methods.
    Compatible brush tray and roller brush design, more efficient cleaning.
    Automatic obstacle avoidance, flexible steering, anti-collision, anti-skid.
    High power, powerful driving, easy climbing.
    Universal platform design, open multiple function options.
    Technical parameters of Robot street sweeper 111
    Max sweeping capacity6000m2/h
    Cleaning width1200mm
    Overall dimensions1480X890X1290mm
    Rated driving power800W
    Total power2500W
    Average continuous working time4h
    Moving speed5km/h
    Rated voltage24V
    Max climbing20潞
    Garbage tank60L
    Total weight400kg
    Rated power of main brush500W
    Rotary speed of main brush tray600rpm
    Rated power of side brush100W
    Rotary speed of side brush100W
    Rotary speed of side brush100rpm
    Rated power of wind suction115W
    Battery charge wayManual/automatic
    Dust filter wayManual/automatic
    Garbage damp wayManual/automaticRobotic Sweeper manufacturers

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