Stainless Steel Box quotation

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  • Stainless Steel Box quotation

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    Stainless Steel Box quotation

    Our History
    IWON Metal is a comprehensive and experienced stainless fabricating manufacturer. Capabilities include laser cutting,bending,stamping,welding,machining and high quality surface treatment polishing, brushing on stainless steel material.
    Our Factory
    Our well-equipped facilities and excellent quality control throughout all stages of production enables us guarantee total customer satisfaction.Main facilities include laser cutting machine,shearing machines,CNC punching machines,pressing machines,CNC bending machines,polishing machines,brushing machines etc. We aim at working on high quality stainless steel products with careful and good quality handling on finishing.
    Our Product
    Custom stainless steel fabrication, comprehensive stainless steel processing, stainless fabrication and metal fabrication
    Product Application
    We got experience on working with:
    1)Stainless display rack
    2)Stainless food machinery parts and enclosures: stainless steel dust bin, stainless steel oven,barbecue oven,popcorn machine enclosure,pizza stove,warming showcase,etc.
    3)Stainless parts and accessories for agricultural and feeding equipment
    4)Stainless facilities: stainless desk, stainless table etc.
    Production Equipment
    鈼?Laser Cutting Machines (1 sets)
    鈼?Shearing Machines(1 sets)
    鈼?CNC Punching Machines (2 sets)
    鈼?Pressing Machines(50 sets)
    鈼?CNC Bending Machines(3 sets)
    鈼?Welding Machines 10 sets
    鈼?150-Meter Powder Coating Line鈼?Powder Coating Stove(2m脳2m脳4m)
    鈼?Rolling Machines (2 sets)
    鈼?Tube Cutting Machine (4 sets)
    鈼?Wire Cutting Machine (3 sets)
    鈼?Polishing Machines (5 sets)
    鈼?Brushing Machines (3 sets)
    Production Market
    1锛塁ircuitwise Electronics is a Sydney based Contract Electronics Manufacturer holding ISO9000 and ISO13485 Medical certifications.
    2锛塇aines Group-The largest manufacturer of FRP boats in Australia under the brand names, Signature, Traveller and Seafarer.
    3锛塊ERBL is a producer and wholesale dealer with a very wide range of products for livestock,horses and pets.(Germany based with distribution in Europe and Australia)
    Our Service
    We offer professional and prompt communication with over 15 years industrial experience craftmen,strict quality inspection on every step of production.Stainless Steel Box quotation

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