Steel Tube Fabrication

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  • Steel Tube Fabrication

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    Steel Tube Fabrication

    What are the different uses for steel tube fabrication?
    Household application, the modern household is filled with a wide array of steel tubing applications, such as refrigerators and gas ranges; if your home is fitted with a cooling or heating system, you鈥檙e likely to find stainless tubing for piping.
    Construction Application, because the surface of steel tubing does not allow particles and bacteria to penetrate the material quickly, it鈥檚 now considered one of the most common construction materials known to man. You cannot build a modern house or high-rise building without steel tubing.
    Automotive Application, Last but not least, we now go on to the automotive application. It is our personal belief, and don鈥檛 just take our word for it, that the automotive industry would be nonexistent if steel tubes weren鈥檛 invented. Car designers would have no means to design a drivable car, while car fabricators would be at a loss about putting the different car parts together without steel tubing.
    With over 400 workers and a fully equipped and modern machine shop capable of producing a wide range of tooling, MH Metal can meet your exact Steel Tube Fabrication needs.
    We have been experienced in producing Steel Tube Forming Fabrication parts for almost 20 years.
    Please get in touch with us and let us know what we can help you with.
    Full-automatic pipe cutting machine
    The knife edge of the full-automatic pipe cutting machine is flat without any burr. The use of the full-automatic pipe cutting machine solves the operation problems of the old-fashioned cutting machine. The full-automatic pipe cutting machine is convenient for the following process.
    A corner of our workshopsSteel Tube Fabrication

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