Stone Tombstone Granite CNC Marble Engraving Machine

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  • Stone Tombstone Granite CNC Marble Engraving Machine

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    Stone Tombstone Granite CNC Marble Engraving Machine

    The most classic style cnc marble engraving machine, using high-power water-cooled spindle。 Ensure long time carving running smoothly, high precision and fast speed.The stone router machine can complete functions of engraving, carving, cutting, milling, and polishing of granite, quartz, marble, tombstone, ceramic tiles, and other artificial stones. Therefore, we also call it marble CNC router, marble carving machine, granite CNC router, CNC granite cutting machine for sale, quartz stone machine, etc.

    This CNC marble engraving machine is also called CNC granite carving machine. It is mainly used for various stone engraving and carving. Equipped with best CNC kits, it has the advantages of better cooling effects, high engraving speed, and high carving accuracy. Now it is for sale at the best price.

    China Stone Engraving Machine Details
    Features Of CNC Marble Engraving Machine:
    1.Profiled cast iron bed with T type, stabilizing treated under high temperature ensures minimum distortion,
    excellent rigidity and vigorous strength.
    2.Precise traveling of Y axis driven by double motors ensures stable performance of machine.
    3.High precision rack gear transmission ensures high accuracy, fast speed and strong power.
    4.Imported Square linear guide rail ensures high accuracy, maximum work load and long service time.
    5.Best mechanical and electrical design with well selected brand parts minimize breakdown rate.
    6.Configured with water tank and automatic cooling water supply system.
    7.Overall dust-proof and water-proof design protects all moving parts of machine.

    How To Maintenance A CNC Marble Engraving Machine
    One :Check the water circulation system and lubrication device in time.
    In winter, the weather is cold and the temperature is low. The antifreeze in the water cooling system must be added and replaced in time, and the oil in the lubrication system should also be replaced in time. If supplementary antifreeze is not added in time in winter, the water pipes will freeze, causing the spindle to freeze and rupture, thereby affecting the machine’s work. The lubrication device is also a very important part. It is a necessary step to ensure the smooth and precise machining of the spindle. If the oil is not replaced in time, the oil will be thick and flow slowly, and it will not provide lubrication, causing the oil supply system to malfunction, which affects the processing of the work.

    Two :Pay attention to the temperature of the spindle.Operation in winter is okay,
    because the temperature is relatively low, the spindle generally does not overheat, but in the summer, the air temperature is higher, if the spindle is in working condition for a long time, it will cause the spindle to overheat and damage. Therefore, we must pay attention to the temperature of the spindle and cool the spindle in time.Especially for stone engraving machines, which mainly process hard materials such as granite and marble, the spindle is more likely to overheat, so we will be equipped with a water circulation cooling system to ensure that the spindle will not be damaged. On the one hand, we can add new cold water to the water tank in time to prevent the spindle temperature from becoming too high through normal water circulation. On the other hand, we can cool the spindle by equipping a special water cooler.

    Three: Ensure a good working environment, reduce current interference, ensure a safe working environment for the machine, improve the stability of the machine’s working process, and protect the operator. We recommend that when there are frequent thunderstorms in your area, try not to use the machine and disconnect the power supply.

    Four :Keep the working voltage stable.
    When we use machines for processing, we try to avoid peak electricity consumption, because this situation usually has the phenomenon of unstable power supply voltage. Unstable voltage will lead to unstable spindle processing, and it is likely to stop running, or even burn the spindle. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid peak usage, and a voltage regulator can be equipped to ensure that the circuit voltage is normal.

    CNC Router Marble Engraving Machine Application:
    * Bas-reliefs,* Line engraving Cutting, Edge inversing
    * Funeral tablets/gravestones, Milestones
    * commemorative plates
    * Furniture, Fireplace.
    * Countertops, Sink hole, grooving, shower trays

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