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    You can purchase food dehydrators that are reasonably priced and make your own dehydrated grub. These drying machines are usually very simple to use and they’re a great way to store your summer surplus. It really is fun to buy the freshest plums, apricots, grapes, apples and bananas to make your own healthy snacks.


    Microwave Dryers are usually small-sized appliances that are perfect for drying fruits, vegetables, seeds, herbs, fish and meats.

    If you grow your own fresh vegetables or have produced fruit trees, grapevines or berry bushes, you would probably really appreciate being able to put some up without using up valuable freezer space (or having to dig it out – especially from a chest type).

    Or you can go through the more labor-intensive process of canning it which, in the case of fruit, generally adds more sugar to the end product.

      For those that do not have the luxury of owning your own garden, you can take advantage of seasonal offerings by shopping the sales in the produce market and benefiting from reduced prices.

    Simple to use dehydrators come in many sizes with varying numbers of shelves or trays for drying.

    You place the food on a tray and the appliance slowly distributes heated air throughout the mesh-covered trays.

    The hot air dryer generates a very gentle heat (at least the good ones) that dries the food at a slow and even rate, preserving the organic matter and preventing “case hardening” on the outside.

    Case hardening occurs when the fruits, vegetables, or meats are heated too fast, forming a seal on the outside and trapping in moisture. It is very important to remove as much water as possible in the drying process.

    Each dehydrator will work a little bit differently and the rate at which foods can be dried will vary accordingly. For example, thicker, denser foods will take longer to dry compared to something like soft fruit, which breaks down more easily. As you begin to work with a new machine, you will come to learn the appropriate sizes to cut different fruits, meats and vegetables to obtain the most efficient drying process.

    Roasted vegetables are a uniquely special side. They're tender and creamy but crisp and crunchy. The long, high-heat roast also gives them a delicate bit of char or caramelization that's delicious and almost impossible to repeat with any other cooking technique. Our roasting machine can meet your requirements very well.

    The fruit and vegetable equipment imitates the manual washing method and adopts a mesh belt drive. The high-pressure air pump generates gas, which makes the fruits and vegetables perform a powerful rotary motion in the washing machine. Under the action of high-pressure water flow and strong bubbles, the impurities on the surface of fruits and vegetables are effectively separated. At the same time, because the material rotates in the steam-water mixture, it effectively avoids damage to the material such as bumps, bumps, and scratches during the cleaning process.

    As a company specializing in the production of food fruit and vegetable processing line, we have observed the growing demand for such products in the market. Especially in China, sales of processed juices continue to increase in recent years. In developed countries, this processed fruit beverage has commanded nearly 50% of the beverage market, but in China, it’s only 20%-30%. Therefore, we believe the China market still has a huge potential, and will further develop in the next few years.

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