The relation between shaker screen mesh and the hole diameter

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  • The relation between shaker screen mesh and the hole diameter

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    The relation between shaker screen mesh and the hole diameter

    A shale shaker screen is a vulnerable spare part of a

    shale shaker. But the shaker screen is very important in the drilling mud recycling system. The shaker screens

    design and quality determined the separation performance of the shale shaker. Generally speaking, the working

    environment and the drilling mud contents are the most determining factors to choose a suitable

    MI-SWACO shaker screen. The other factor is the

    size of the particle in the drilling mud fluid to be separated. If you know the particle size, so the shaker screen

    mesh is determined.

        What is the shaker screen mesh?

        Shaker screen mesh refers to the quantity of holes per square inch. So the Derrick shaker screen mesh has an

    inverse proportional relation with the hole quantity. That is to say, the larger the shaker screen mesh, the

    smaller the screen hole size. Commonly speaking, the relation between them is: Mesh x Hole Diameter(micron)=15000

        For example, if the shaker screen mesh is 200, then we can estimate that the screen hole diameter is about 75

    microns. This is very useful for us to choose the proper shale shaker screen according to the mud fluid contents.

        Other shaker screens or you can say shale

    shaker screens too, are a type of mechanical screen, aim to take solids out or separate solids from drilling fluid

    (mud). Usually, a composite frame shaker screen is made of stainless steel, polyurethane or composite frame. It is

    a spare part of a shale shaker and a combined shaker frame by stainless screw and wedge block.

        Shale shaker spring is a component that provides a damping effect. The spring quality and feature will help us

    to get a better process when stopping the shaker. Most of the springs are made of high-quality special spring

    steel. However, some of the springs or we call it float amount/absorber is made of rubber or combined rubber and


        In minerals processing, one of the most important

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        But, choosing the right type of

    lifting sling
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    in, and how the sling will be used to support and lift the load. Wire rope is a preferred lifting device for many

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