What Should We Pay Attention To When Choosing 3mm Stainless Steel Laser Cutting Machine?

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  • What Should We Pay Attention To When Choosing 3mm Stainless Steel Laser Cutting Machine?

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    What Should We Pay Attention To When Choosing 3mm Stainless Steel Laser Cutting Machine?

    With the increasing advancement of laser technology, more and more metal processing companies choose fiber laser cutting machines for processing and production.Fiber laser cutting machinehas a very large market share in the cutting industry, However, due to the high price of 3mm stainless steel laser cutting machine, many customers do not have enough budget to purchase high-power fiber laser cutting machines. Therefore, how to buy the most suitable laser cutting machine within a limited budget becomes particularly important.There are several factors to consider:

    Good cutting quality. The width of the notch is narrow (generally 0.1-0.5mm), the accuracy is high (generally the error of hole center distance is 0.1-0.4mm, the error of contour dimension is 0.1-0.5mm), and the roughness of the notch surface is good (generally RA is 12.5-25) μ m) Generally, the cutting seam can be welded without further processing.

    Fast cutting speed. For example, with 2kW laser power, the cutting speed of 8mm thick carbon steel is 1.6m/min; The cutting speed of 2mm thick stainless steel is 3.5m/min, with small heat affected zone and minimal deformation.

    Non contact cutting. During laser cutting, the cutting torch has no contact with the workpiece and there is no tool wear. To process parts with different shapes, it is not necessary to change the ‘tool’, but only to change the output parameters of the laser. The laser cutting process has the advantages of low noise, small vibration and no pollution.

    There are many kinds of cutting materials. Compared with oxyacetylene cutting and plasma cutting, there are many kinds of laser cutting materials, including metal, non-metal, metal matrix and non-metal matrix composites, leather, wood and fiber. However, different materials show different laser cutting adaptability due to their different thermophysical properties and laser absorptivity.

    3mm stainless steel laser cutting machine applications have opened up many ways for complex processing and cutting of multiple materials. With many advantages, such as excellent surface treatment, good edge detail, and extremely high tolerances, it creates opportunities for cost-effective parts and components manufacturing compared to traditional methods.

    1. The 3mm stainless steel laser cutting machine has high flexibility in processing metal sheet, which is suitable for mass production and processing. After cutting, there is no need for subsequent secondary processing. The working principle of the equipment is that the laser beam with high energy density is irradiated on the sheet metal to make the part heated and melted, and then the high-pressure gas is used to blow off the slag to complete the cutting, so there will be no burr and secondary polishing is needed.

    2. 3mm stainless steel laser cutting machine cutting precision is very high, but also very environmental protection. In addition, the fiber laser cutting process uses a fully automated control system, non-contact processing, to ensure that the material is not damaged by mechanical pressure. The traditional cutting process, basically rely on blanking to complete, to produce a new product and different shapes of sheet metal need to change the mold, virtually increased the cost, which is not conducive to the product online in time to form competitiveness. The 3mm stainless steel laser cutting machine also can directly import the electronic version of the drawing into the industrial control system to realize the cutting of the workpiece, which greatly saves the production cycle. For enterprise users, shortening the production cycle means enhancing the competitiveness of enterprises, effectively controlling costs and maximizing economic value.

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