Ye Laotai Back to 70 -- Yan Shui Se

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  • Ye Laotai Back to 70 -- Yan Shui Se

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    Ye Laotai Back to 70 -- Yan Shui Se

    ?? "Well, thank you." With that, Shi Lichun took the pen and filled it out again. ????“…… Fortunately, Xiaoyu, you told Uncle Ling to let someone come to me, otherwise I would really go to Nantah. Shi Lichun thought of this, the mood of the ups and downs is not good. Chapter 275 ?? "Yes, it's a good thing Uncle Li went in time." Ye Xiyu was also shocked by the Shi family's operation, and even came up with the idea of changing their volunteers. If they really changed it, Shi Lichun would have to go to Nantah even if she didn't want to. ???? Ye Xiyu sighed. Suddenly, I thought of what Shi Lichun said just now that Lin Dongmei threatened her that if she changed her volunteer back, she would not be allowed to go home. ???? Think of this Ye Xiyu hastened to ask, "Sister Lichun, did Aunt Lin do anything after you changed your volunteer back?"? Did you go home later? ?? "No, I live in my second uncle's house these days." Shi Lichun said, "I'm going to make some money before the admission notice arrives." ?? "Are Uncle Shi and Aunt Lin really not going to pay your tuition?" Ye Xiyu said in surprise. ?? "Yes,stesweet stevia, I changed volunteer to come back that day, my mom lets me roll, say to do not have me this girl." Speaking of this, Shi Lichun also smiled bitterly. ???? Yexi fish "But your arm is not …" ???? She hasn't finished yet. Shi Lichun said, "It doesn't matter. I'm going to catch a sea at the seaside and do something simple." ???? Said she also said. "Besides, little fish,lutein eye complex, you know, I dont need the money for the time being, but as a poor little man who has been driven out, I have to put on an act.". ???? Ye Xiyu after hearing this. I knew Shi Lichun had something in mind at the moment. "That's all right, but don't do any heavy work." Said, Ye Xiyu also said, "Yes, I will send you a medicine these days, which is good for your arm." ?? "Hum" Shi Lichun hears this word to nod ceaselessly way, "small fish your pill effect can compare other medicine to want strong much, I am taking gesso all the day these days when, naringenin price ,jujube seed powder, want to call you, let you help me send bit of medicine to come over." ?? "Ha ha," Yexi Fish laughed, "I'm going to get the medicine and send it to you." ?? "Okay, okay." ???? After hanging up the phone. Ye Xiyu's mood obviously relaxed a lot, she touched the head of the small white snake, "Xiaochun's robbery should be solved?" ???? Little white snake "Grin Grin." That goes without saying. ?? "Hey, that's good." With that, Ye Xiyu walked toward the pharmacy, ready to go to Zhang Daiye's medicine cabinet to get some medicine for Shi Lichun to make pills for fracture treatment. ???? Zhang Daiye watched Ye Xiyu come in. Looking at his medicine cabinet, he asked doubtfully, "Why do you take these medicines?" ???? Ye Xiyu said as he took medicine. "Sister Lichun broke her hand by accident, and I am going to make some pills and ointments for her.". ???? Say Ye Xiyu also sniffed a handful of medicine and grabbed more from the medicine cabinet. "These medicines are good, but the years are shorter." ???? Zhang Daiye "It is not bad to find medicines of these years now.". ?? "Yeah." Ye Xiyu just sighed. ?? "However, the good medicine is really more and more difficult to find now." Zhang Daiye said, "If it goes on, some prescriptions will not be matched." ?? "Then find someone to plant it yourself." Ye Xiyu said casually. ???? Zhang Daiye heard this. He immediately turned to look at her. "What did you say?" ?? "Eh?" Ye Xiyu looked at him with some confusion. "What did I say?"? Do you find someone to plant Chinese medicine? ?? "You're right!" Zhang Daiye clapped his hands and said, "This Chinese medicine is not good. We have to cultivate it ourselves." ???? Finish He said to Ye Xiyu and two of his students, "I'll go out for a while, and you can watch here." ???? Then Zhang Daiye ran out in a hurry.

    ???? Ye Xiyu looked at the two men who were still a little confused. "I'll go to the prescription in the back and boil the medicine. If you have something to do, come to me in the back." With that, she took the medicine she had taken and walked to the back. ???? The medicine was quickly prepared by the Yexi fish. But just as Ye Xiyu was about to send it to Shi Lichun. ???? Ye Xiyu suddenly thought of it. I haven't been to Hainan for almost two years from the second year of high school to the third year of high school. At the thought of this, Ye Xiyu was moved. ???? She looked down at the little white snake. He said to it, "Do you think we should go to Hainan this year?" ???? When the little white snake heard this, He immediately raised his head and said, "Go, go, let's go to Hainan!"! ?? "Well, I'll go and talk to the people at home." With these words, Ye Xiyu ran home with a bottle of pills. ???? Back home Ye Xiyu looked around and found that the workaholics at home had not come back yet. Ye Xiyu twitched the corners of his mouth. "Forget it. I'll tell them when they all come back in the evening." ?? "Say what?" ???? Because I finished a task the other day. Ling Yiyang and Guo Lei can finally have a good vacation at home, Guo Lei now do not know where to go, Ling Yiyang is still at home. ???? So at the time of Yexi Fish Sui Sui Nian. Ling Yiyang, who just came out to get something, asked. ???? Ye Xiyu turned his head "Hey, brother Yiyang, are you at home?" ?? "I have been at home these days." Ling Yiyang said with some black lines,pumpkin seed extract, "but what have you been busy with these days?" I can't even cultivate a relationship with you. ???? Ye Xiyu who doesn't know Ling Yiyang's resentment Shaking the medicine bottle in her hand, she said to him, "something happened to sister Lichun the other day and she broke her arm. I made some pills and ointment for her today.". 。

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