0.8 meters into 1 meter, this tape measure can also be customized? _ Non-standard

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  • 0.8 meters into 1 meter, this tape measure can also be customized? _ Non-standard

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    0.8 meters into 1 meter, this tape measure can also be customized? _ Non-standard

    Original Title: 0.8 Meters Measured into 1 Meter, can This Tape Measure Be Customized? A length of 0.8 meters may be designated as 1 meter, Such non-standard tape measures are not only sold publicly, And it can be customized? Recently, some netizens issued a decoration reminder on Weibo to guard against the trick of "non-standard tape measure". On January 8, a survey by a reporter from Modern Express found that a few days ago, an e-commerce platform that sold "non-standard tape measures" publicly had been removed from the shelves, but there were still merchants offline who said they could contact the source of goods. Lawyers believe that the production and sale of "non-standard tape measures" are suspected of violating the law. Nanjing Consumer Association reminds consumers that if someone uses non-standard scale fraud, they can call the reporting telephone to reflect. Breaking News: Jiezhuang Construction Should Be Careful, Tape Measure can Also Hide Tricks Blogger Exposes "Non-standard Tape Measure" on the Internet On January 5, interior designer @ Eric Tsui revealed a special tape measure, a non-standard tape measure, on Weibo. This tape measure looks like an ordinary tape measure, but the size of the internal logo is hidden. The actual length of 80 centimeters can be marked as 1 meter. My first reaction after seeing it was that it was specially made for decoration companies, contractors and decoration workers. Eric Tsui said that this kind of ruler is difficult for the owner to find when it is used once in the settlement of additional items, and the quotation will rise by 15-20% compared with the normal price. Expand the full text Non-standard tape can be customized In the decoration industry, many designers have heard of this phenomenon. This kind of'non-standard tape measure 'has only appeared in recent years, generally only small decoration companies will use it, mostly for tiling, sealing balconies and other projects with larger measurement sizes. Wang Qian (a pseudonym), a designer who has been engaged in whole-house customization for five years in Nanjing, calculated the account for the reporter of Modern Express: Take a 10-square-meter terrace as an example, measure it with a ruler of 0.8 meters "changing" 1 meter, the ceiling area will exceed 15 square meters, and the average price of plastic steel doors and windows installation is about 300 yuan per square meter. A terrace has a profit of more than 1000 yuan. This phenomenon has been a few years, to the decoration market has also brought a lot of negative effects. However, as long as we find that the studio uses a similar ruler, we will not cooperate again. Wang Qian reminds the owners who are decorating to prepare tape measures and plans with them, and to pay more attention to the incremental items of work that need to be measured. Visit: Some platforms have been removed from the shelves, and the source of goods can be contacted offline So is there a "non-standard tape measure" on the market, and who is it sold to? Non-standard tape measure sold in an e-commerce platform On January 5, a reporter from Modern Express searched an e-commerce platform and found that there were many shops selling non-standard tape measures. Although this kind of tape can not only complete the "stretching" of 0.8 meters to 1 meter, but also meet the compression of 1.2 meters to 1 meter, printed tape measure , some businesses still directly call it "error ruler" and "shrinkage ruler", and show the comparison between non-standard tape and national standard ruler in the propaganda, saying: "Can you see which is the national standard without comparison?" Merchant's "Notice" In a shop selling non-standard tape measures, the price of 5-meter-long non-standard tape measures ranges from 20-50 yuan each, while ordinary 5-meter-long tape measures can be bought for only 10 yuan each, and the price difference between the two is obvious. Some merchants gave relevant tips when selling, saying that the purpose of making such tape measures is "special engineering, scientific research, abrasive production, please do not do illegal use". On January 8, when the reporter searched for "non-standard tape measure" on the e-commerce platform again, the platform showed that "no relevant baby was found", but some businesses on other platforms were still selling.

    Online e-commerce platform sales, offline physical stores? On January 8, the reporter of Modern Express came to Hongyang Home (Maigaoqiao Store) and consulted five hardware shops as buyers. Although none of the shops clearly indicated that they were available for sale, they all heard about the "non-standard tape measure" and one said that they could contact the source of goods. 'Non-standard Tape measure 'is a short meter ruler, which is known in the hardware industry. One of the shopkeepers told Modern Express that compared with ordinary tape measures, the price of non-standard tape measures is much higher or even doubled. Are ordered according to customer demand, certainly expensive ah, generally only small manufacturers will produce. As for whether to worry about being checked, the shopkeeper said: "Who will check this?" Voice: Production, sales and "deliberate use" are all suspected of violating the law Modern Express reporter consulted Nanjing Consumer Association on this issue, a staff member said that if there is a problem like "non-standard tape", consumers can report to the 12315 once they find it. Zhou Xiaodi, a lawyer at Jiangsu Tianxi Law Firm, said that if someone deliberately buys and uses non-standard tape measures to deceive consumers, it violates the Consumer Rights and Interests Protection Law and should increase compensation for losses suffered by consumers at their request. The amount of compensation should be three times the price of goods purchased by consumers or the cost of receiving services. If a construction worker uses a non-standard tape, which eventually leads to damage to housing construction or even casualties, the producer, seller and user will be prosecuted for criminal responsibility. Li Xiaoliang, a lawyer of Jiangsu Tongda Law Firm, believes that the production and sale of "non-standard tape measures" violates the relevant provisions of the Metrology Law of the People's Republic of China and is an illegal act, and that both online and offline platforms should bear relevant responsibilities. According to Li Xiaoliang, Articles 14 and 16 of the Metrology Law stipulate that no unit or individual may manufacture, sell or import measuring instruments of non-legal measuring units in violation of the provisions. When using measuring instruments, no person shall be allowed to impair their accuracy, thereby prejudicing the interests of the state and consumers. According to Article 27 of the Metrology Law, those who manufacture, sell or use measuring instruments for the purpose of deceiving consumers shall confiscate their measuring instruments and illegal income and impose fines. If the circumstances are serious, the person directly responsible for the individual or unit shall be investigated for criminal responsibility in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Criminal Law. Source: Modern Express +/ZAKER Nanjing Reporter: Qiu Huayue and Hou Tianhui return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:. tape-measure.com

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