A gentleman's servant

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  • A gentleman's servant

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    A gentleman's servant

    Beard led me into a huge factory building, which was very noisy. There were about fifty or sixty large textile machines. There were four or five workers in front of each textile machine. They were responsible for wiring and adjusting spindles. The machine here is very advanced. It is a hydraulic textile machine with a huge turbine, which drives all the machines to run automatically. The machine pulls countless long white cotton threads to weave white cotton cloth. The spinning process is to spin cotton into cotton thread first, and then weave the cotton thread into cotton cloth, so the air is filled with cotton fluff flying like snowflakes, and many children crawl under the machine to pick up the cotton that falls on the ground. No one talks, no one is lazy, and all the people are bent over to work. Men and women, young and old, they all looked pale and tired, and many were coughing as if they were seriously ill. You are responsible for measuring the dimensions and registering the goods into the warehouse. The beard handed me a notebook and showed me: "Do it like this, understand?"? All the cotton and all the rations are counted. Seeing that I quickly calculated the goods and there was no mistake, the beard nodded: "Well, the job is yours." "Owen!" Suddenly someone called my name. I looked back and saw a woman with red hair staring at me. Annie? I narrowed my eyes, surrounded by floating cotton, some can not see clearly. Irving She ran up to me quickly and gave me a hug. It's really you. I said in surprise. It was Anne, the junior maid at Momont. She was wearing a grey cotton petticoat and a dirty kerchief on her head. She looked very thin and much more haggard than she had been at Momont. I didn't expect to meet you here. Didn't you become the Baron's valet? Annie had a big smile on her face, and she was always the kind girl who was as passionate as fire. I shrugged regretfully and asked her how you came to work here. It was strange to me that Anne, though she was only a junior maid, was beautiful and had a good needlework. Even if she left the manor, she would surely find a job as a maid in another family. How could she work in a factory. Anne gave a wry smile. "I'm married." "Oh, you're married." I looked at her in surprise and stammered,shuttle rack system, "Really …" Congratulations, this.. Really. That's nice.. Once a woman is married, it is no longer possible for her to be a maid, and even many factories do not want married women. Annie gave a forced smile. "Have you found a place to live?"? Do you need me to help you? "Of course, I don't have a place to stay yet." I say Hi! What are you guys doing? Don't be lazy! An angry man came up to us and shouted at us. Annie winked at me and ran back to the lathe. It was not until nine o'clock in the evening that the textile factory finally got off work. Annie led me to an alley behind the factory, where the workers of Gabriel's textile factory lived. The alley was narrow and deep, full of clothes to dry, muddy and emitting a stench of excrement fermentation. The alley was dark, but it was the rush hour, so it was very noisy everywhere. John, rent a house. Annie called out to one of the rooms. A very dirty man came out. He was wearing a green coat, reeking of alcohol, warehouse pallet racks ,heavy duty cantilever racks, and he complained loudly, "God, I'm not deaf. I don't have to scream so loudly." "He wants to rent a house." Annie said. Without even looking at me, the man pointed to a small house diagonally opposite and said, "That house is still empty. It's a shilling a month." I went over, pushed open the door, but was immediately fumigated out, the room was dark, there was a strong smell of coquettish, there is an indescribable smell. John said, "There was a textile worker who lived there before. Later, she died of illness inside. It took seven or eight days before she was found. So it smells a little. But you can rest assured that ventilation will be fine." Annie shrugged at me, and I nodded and rented the room. There was nothing in the house but a broken wooden bed, and I suspected that the last tenant had died in this bed and had fermented here for seven or eight days.

    Annie helped me lay a pile of straw on the bed. She said, "If you have extra money, you can buy a sheet. But winter is coming. You have to find a way to get a quilt." "Thank you, Annie." I looked at her gratefully. "I'm so glad I met you." "Don't mention it, we are friends." She smiled briskly. What are you doing there! Why don't you go home? A man's irascible voice suddenly came from outside the door. As soon as Annie's face changed, she hurried out, but the man tore Annie's collar and dragged her home, scolding her as he walked: "Are you still fooling around outside after work? Do you know how to go home?" "No, Andre, listen to me. I met an old friend …" "What friend?" The man interrupted Anne in a harsh voice. He pushed her rudely into the room, then glared at me darkly and slammed the door. I hesitated for a moment, but I didn't knock at the door after all. I was just an outsider. If I acted rashly, I might cause trouble to Annie. So I stayed in this stinking house. I thought I couldn't sleep, but I fell asleep as soon as I closed my eyes. The next day, before dawn, the bell outside the door woke me up. Because it was a gathering area for workers, someone was shaking a huge bell outside very early, and the sound was very loud. Soon, the curses of men and women and the noise of children filled the whole alley like a vegetable market. All people have started a new day, whether rich or poor, whether old or young, whether healthy or sick, all people are trying to live in the beautiful morning light, and so am I. Chapter 38 The weavers started working at six o'clock in the morning and stood until nine o'clock in the evening,drive in racking system, during which time they could only stop for lunch and spend the rest of the time staring at the wiring head of the lathe. It was a very boring job, and they were always bent over, so they were very tired. jracking.com

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