All melee attacks that delay longer dark

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  • All melee attacks that delay longer dark

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    All melee attacks that delay longer dark

    All melee attacks can be delayed by up to half a second by holding this button...

    All melee attacks that delay longer turn into block breakers. These smash-through parries deal somewhat less damage while reverse the stun that is slight, penalizing those who take instead of taking care to avoid the telegraphed attack. allows the player to follow-up by launching a quick attack or power up a power attack to force the opponent to move back or attempt a second failed parry.

    Power attacks cannot be interrupted. even after death. If the power attack gets underway, the force will carry it on to the end even post mortem.

    Blocks that break a shield block will cause a lot of damage at the shield bar, and the overflow goes to the enemy and punishes by hiding behind a shield and than moving forward to avoid attack.

    Block breaking attacks do 50-100 percent damage greater, based on the weapon

    Daggers and lightweight weapons, such as rapiers, cannot compete with block breakers. this forces sneaky clever classes to be sneaky and clever , and focus on outpacing maneuvering opponents.

    Congratulations if you made it down here , we're wrapping the event.

    These things together create many moment to instant options and reactions you can choose to take and that your opponent can react to. This significantly extends and expands upon the timing and position aspects of the game. They also help in making the pvp combat feel as fair. It's less like you win or lose based purely off your scores, thus increasing the level of play for well geared players as well as novices. IT also avoids the hyper complex combat techniques like Mordhau and Chivalry that a lot of the players seem to be opposed to.
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