Almighty cultivator

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  • Almighty cultivator

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    Almighty cultivator

    The iron-backed toad saw that a tune could affect his mind, and aimed his main target at Gu Xuan. At that moment, he took a deep breath, and his whole body skin swelled. Slowly untie the demon rope. Zhang Sanfeng can't miss the opportunity. He rubbed his body and stuck his sword in the toad's eyelids. Although he did not pierce the skin, he still hurt it and began to hiss loudly. To tell you the truth, the sound is really terrible. Gu Xuan curled his lips and said to himself, "It's less than one in ten thousand of the sound of my flute." In the long hiss at the same time, see Zhang Sanfeng to poke again, immediately roll into the water, the whole body again, to break free from the demon rope. In ancient times, the cultivation of the spirit beast could not be measured by the realm of the true cultivator. Had it not been for the close cooperation between the two people, it would have been swallowed by it. At the same time, its back secretes a kind of black liquid, which is very fishy and smelly. When it touches the rope, there is a feeling of being out of control. Seeing this, Gu Xuan was shocked. If the magic weapon was destroyed, his mind would be damaged. In that case, he would be even more unable to escape. He could only hide in heaven. But as a true cultivator, how can you be afraid? At that moment, Gu Xuan took back the rope and released the toad. At the same time, he shouted, "Elder brother, don't let the black water on your back touch your body." Even if this is not said, Zhang Sanfeng also knows. Such a stinking thing,push back racking system, even if harmless, no one wants to suffer. When the iron-backed toad saw that he was free, he stretched out his tongue and rolled it around Gu Xuan. Zhang Sanfeng unfolds the Taiji sword, the sword body leads to the stone, then the tongue slants, hits on the stone wall, reveals a big hole. Zhang Sanfeng immediately withdrew the sword, and the next move was sent immediately. With Zhang Sanfeng in front of him, the pressure of Gu Xuan was reduced,industrial racking systems, while his flute sound was even more bleak and plaintive. All of a sudden, Gu Xuan sang aloud, "a song breaks my heart. Where can I find a bosom friend?" The original meaning of this word is to say that a bosom friend is hard to find, expressing the sigh of unrecognized talent or no bosom friend. But here, Gu Xuan changed its meaning. "Where is the end of the world to find a bosom friend" means that there is no bosom friend, since it is not a bosom friend, it is not polite. Although the iron-backed toad did not understand what Guxuan was singing, the tone of voice clearly disturbed his mind, as if the opposite was his best friend, and he could not help but want to stop. Zhang Sanfeng took the opportunity to insert two more times on his eyelids. The sound of the ancient Xuan Xiao changed again, and he sang, "The two songs break my heart and intestines. When I leave, they are full of red tears and red gauze." Two people, one singing, one sword dance, singing beautifully, dancing beautifully, heavy duty rack manufacturers ,medium duty racking, it is a very charming thing to say, it also looks quite enjoyable. Zhang Sanfeng's swordsmanship is exquisite, and it is very beautiful to dance. After competing with Taoist Mingxu, I have a new experience. Just take the opportunity to verify. In this way, Gu Xuan sang from "one song" to "six songs", and the behavior of the iron-backed toad became more and more dull, while Zhang Sanfeng did not know how many swords he had inserted in his eyelids, and finally, in Gu Xuan's voice of "asking you to go back to plan a good time". The broken golden sword was finally inserted into its eyeballs, and the iron-backed toad, in pain, immediately shook off the influence of the sound of the flute and went crazy. When Zhang Sanfeng saw a successful move, he immediately took the broken golden sword and left. As the saying goes, "a trapped animal is still fighting." The newly injured iron-backed toad is not sure what radical action he will take. The iron-backed toad rolled a few times in the water, howled a few times, and then shot out. They fled up the underground river, making them look at each other. Just now Gu Xuan was still singing "Ask you to go here and plan a good time", but I didn't expect to finish singing. " "Mr. Toad" really left. "It's impolite," said Gu Xuanxin. "You ran away before we could make a date to meet again." Zhang Sanfeng breathed a sigh of relief and said, "It's a good thing it ran away. If I fight again, I won't have the strength." "It has a certain intelligence," said Gu Xuan. "Seeing that we can hurt it, we are afraid to leave." Gu Xuan did not expect that the iron-backed toad would bully the weak and fear the strong. If he had known this, he should not have run in the first place. Take out the most powerful means directly, perhaps can frighten it. In fact, this is not recorded by Yu Lingzi. At that time, he also met the iron-backed toad, but he could not fight in close combat, and his magic could not hurt it. His strength was very poor, and he became the "soft" side. Only then did he think highly of the iron-backed toad, and the characteristic of "bullying the weak and fearing the strong" was also recorded as "slightly wise". Gu Xuan believed his records. He thought he could not resist it, so he planned to run away at the beginning. It's just such a monster. Do you want to keep it? Gu Xuan then asked.

    Although this cave has not yet been excavated by the world, it will be dug out in time for people to visit. If then it comes again to do evil, how can mortals resist it? "Later generations have their own means," said Zhang Sanfeng. "We'll leave him alone for the time being. And, unless we can trick it into heaven. Otherwise, I'm afraid I can't keep it. Gu Xuan nodded. He decided to let the toad go and take out his flying sword. Pry up the white marble again. Perhaps the iron-backed toad was afraid of being beaten and never came to seek trouble again. Gu Xuan took enough stones and went out of the cave with Zhang Sanfeng. The experience of taking the stone reminded Gu Xuan that no matter when, we should not take it lightly. Good luck in the past does not mean that luck will always be good. Maybe the chance to get the fairy twice will exhaust the luck of my life. On the way home, Gu Xuanxin said. This time, together with the search for white marble and the entanglement with the iron-backed toad, has taken a long time. By the time we got to Hangzhou, it was already bright. After returning home, Gu Xuan casually issued a ban, released the West Gate of Heaven, and entered the heaven again. After the battle, Zhang Sanfeng was anxious to go back and understand the swordsmanship, so he left. That's all right. Gu Xuan also has something to do. See Gu Xuan fly into the air, suddenly, he pinched a hand formula, people will disappear. Number three was concentrating on the formation at this time, and kept deliberating. Gu Xuan put aside the next Lingshi and white marble. After thinking for a while, he took out the four swords and put them on the stone slab. Then he went out of Zixiao Palace and came to the front of Dou Shuigong Palace. The white fog in the valley behind the palace was so thick that it was impossible to see anything inside from the outside. And because this is an array, the fog also has a shielding effect on the divine consciousness, so Gu Xuan does not know how the four spiritual roots grow. Ge Hong seemed to have just finished the one-step array deduction. Seeing that Gu Xuan was here, he wondered,asrs warehouse, "Brother Gu hasn't left yet?" He was fascinated to study the array for a month, without paying any attention to the situation around him, which made him think that Gu Xuan had waited for him for a month.

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