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    Buy NADPH Powder

    Buy NADPH Powder  A. Introduction
    NADP is the abbreviation of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate, which was once called pyridine triphosphate (TPN) or co-dehydrogenase II or oxidized coenzyme II. It is a kind of coenzyme, which is a substance in which nicotinic acid amide adenine dinucleotide and a phosphoric acid molecule are combined by an ester bond. It is widely present in the biological world.
    B. Product Parameter
    NADP Analysis Report
    Test itemsQuality StandardResult
    AppearanceWhite or off-white lyophilized powderoff-white lyophilized powder
    Chloride锛?.05%meet the requirements
    Save-20鈩冿紝shading sealed storage
    ConclusionAll tests are qualified
    DateNovember 24, 2021
    C. Use
    1. Improve physical fitness
    Applicable people/situation: fitness people, weak (elderly people, people after illness/post-operation), chronic fatigue.
    2. Enhance immunity
    Applicable people/situation: people who are susceptible to colds.
    D. Our service
    1.Any inquiries will be replied with in 12 hours.
    2.Dedication to quatity,supply& service.
    3.Strictly on selecting raw meterials.
    Deliver Shipping&Serving锛?/strong>
    Shipping :
    We have Professional shipping agent, based on customers ' demand for transport
    1-25kgs : by express :FEDEX, DHL, EMS, UPS, TNT ect.
    Bulk orders: by SEA and by AIR
    Q1. What's the MOQ?
    A: MOQ is the minimum sales quantity of the product. Because each product has different prices and different packaging methods, there will be differences. Please consult the relevant professional sales manager for details.
    Q2. What's the shipping time?
    A: Usually the products we sell have enough stock to deliver the goods in a short time
    Q3. What transportation methods does our company have?
    A: Our company cooperates with DHL and fedex, as well as airlines and shipping companies. There are also some more efficient transportation methods, such as dedicated transportation lines.
    Q4. Can you supply the free sample?
    A: Generally, we will provide samples for customer testing to ensure that the quality of our products meets customer requirements.
    Q5.Does our company support third-party testing?
    A: Our company has long-term cooperation with well-known third-party testing agencies and can provide third-party testing servicesBuy NADPH Powder

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