China CNC laser rust removal machine price -IGOLDENCNC

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  • China CNC laser rust removal machine price -IGOLDENCNC

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    China CNC laser rust removal machine price -IGOLDENCNC

    The portable laser rust remover is a new generation of surface cleaning and high-tech products. It is easy to install, operate and automate. When the laser rust removal machine is powered on and turned on, no need to add any chemicals, dust, water, or media to clean it. This portable laser rust remover can not only remove surface resin, stains, grease, dirt, coating, etc., but also auto focus.

    Designed and igoldencnc. Laser cleaning equipment is the new generation of high-tech cleaning products. It is easy to install, control and implement. 
    Laser cleaning machines are perfect for all types of surfaces, they can clean really fast taking care of the environment. These cleaning equipment hace a durability of up to 100,000 hours.
    This technology is the newest development in the area of rust cleaning. It cleans fast all types of metals at incredible speed.
    Removing rust, oils, paints... is no longer a problem. Laser cleaning machines allow a non-contact and precise cleaning.Price:$50000-80000  bw5f28sd

    Features of metal Laser Cleaning Machine:
    No damage to the base of the material due to the no-touch surface cleaning performance.
    Precise cleaning technic for the specific area in a selected area.
    No need of chemistry or other added supplies.
    Easy to be operated, can be hand-held or auto-cleaned by installing a robotic arm.
    Small cleaning time consumption and comes with a high quality finishing result.
    Stable and impacted integrated design which results to no extra maintenance.

    Here are a few other benefits of the laser cleaners for metallic rust and non-metallic substrates:

    The method of laser rust cleaning is largely automated and easily controllable from a remote location. Furthermore, the automation and integration with the existing systems provide an easy and tech-savvy investment for businesses.
    The laser cleaning process is chemical-free. This makes laser cleaning methods as much safer to use in the foods and medicine industry.
    The chemical composition of the material does not change with laser cleaning. This makes laser cleaning technology the first choice for cleaning chemically safe containers.
    There is no need for the application of high-pressure blasting mechanisms to rub out the rust.
    The final product after laser cleaning is much finer than other methods of cleaning.
    Total manpower and working time are reduced manifolds. Thus, saving you time and money at the same time.
    Precise and spot cleaning is easier with laser cleaning methods Moreover, with laser cleaning it is easier to reach the corners and nooks of complicated design objects.
    It is easier to manage the laser cleaning machines than the conventional methods of cleaning.

    How To Use Laser Cleaning Machine?

    The operation is simple, turn on the power supply, turn on the equipment, can carry on without the chemical reagent, the medium, the water-free cleaning, can adjust the focus manually, adheres the surface cleaning, the cleaning surface cleanliness is high.

    Application of  Laser Cleaning Machine:
    Laser cleaning machine can remove the object surface resin, the paint, the oil pollution, Stains, dirt, rust, coatings, coatings and oxide coatings are widely used in the industry, covering ships, steam repairs, rubber molds, high-end machine tools, track and environmental protection.
    Machine Parameters

    Laser Wavelength 1064nm
    Laser Power 1000W/1500W/2000W
    Fiber Length 8-10m(15m Optioned)
    Scanning Width 10-80mm
    Voltage 220V,50/60HZ
    Cooling Method Water-cooling
    Working Temperature 5-45℃

    Fecha 19-04-22

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