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  • Cui Di Qian Long

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    Cui Di Qian Long

    Jin Lurong was suddenly blocked by him. She was so surprised that she took two or three steps back. After seeing it clearly, she thought, "This is probably one of the four evil wolves, isn't it?" Nan Baihua followed closely. Seeing that she was too frightened to come forward, he immediately said, "What is Rong'er afraid of?"? Hit him with the palm of Shun Tian. Hearing the sound, Jin Lurong said, "Brother Bai, why don't you point with your loyal heart?" Nan Baihua said, "Loyal Heart Finger can't be used lightly unless it's necessary. Once the devils know it, they'll be in trouble." Chapter 37 the two demons are trapped in the precipice. Jin Lurong is a woman after all, unlike men who do what they say, her inner strength has been raised to 80%, but still do not want to start, the reason is that the person looks too fierce. Nan Baihua was amused, and when he was waiting to be urged, he suddenly saw a woman on the other side, and he recognized that it was the Holy Mother of Heaven. As soon as the Holy Mother of Heavenly Desire caught a glimpse of the two sides without moving, she knew there was a conflict. She raised her voice and giggled, "Oh!"! What's wrong? Do you two want to prove it? Gege, the third evil brother doesn't know this girl, does he? She is the masked swordswoman who got the Wolf Dan by chance, I think. It's better for Evil Old Four to get out of the way. I'm afraid you're no match for her. The old demon was so treacherous that he wanted to arouse the red-haired monster to make a move so that he could reap the benefits of others. The red-haired monster was obviously the youngest of the four evil wolves. Hearing this,wire mesh decking, he snorted angrily, "Fairy, don't do that. I stopped her for another reason." When the Holy Mother of Heavenly Desire heard this, she said with a smile, "Oh, the evil old man is really suspicious. His good intentions have been misunderstood. Is there a reason?"? What's the reason? The evil fourth brother said with a sneer, "My second elder brother has been plotted against by an unknown person. There are only a handful of people in the Central Plains who can hurt him. Even the fairies can only look at the ocean and sigh. I suspect that this girl has done it. But when we meet, I don't think she has the ability to do it. So I judge that someone else is here." When Nan Baihua heard this,heavy duty rack manufacturers, he said to himself, "This monster is really shrewd. He knew what Rong'er had done when he met him."! The sharpness of his eyes is incomparable. Thinking about the sound of Jin Lurong, I only told her to stand still and watch the change. When the Holy Mother of Heavenly Desire heard this, she was startled. Her face suddenly changed. She hesitated a little and said, "Evil old four, I'm afraid you Kunzhong still don't know everything about the people in the Central Plains. In recent years, there have been two rising stars. One is the husband of this girl. His name is Nan Baihua. He is known as the Masked Hero. The other is a friend of Nan Baihua. No one in Jianghu can recognize his face. He is known as the Hidden Dragon Hero." I once got the invisibility of the Red Bean Fairy in those days. The skill is so high that even the two demons of the Blood Flag have suffered a great loss. According to the judgment of this holy mother, your brother was plotted against. It may be the boy who did it, but I don't know where the injury is? Have you found out what kind of kungfu injury it is? Xie Laosi nodded and said in a deep voice, "It's a kind of injury caused by finger force. The wound is in the Dantian. Fortunately, my brother has practiced a special magic skill. He has been practicing the skill for two hours to heal himself. Now he is safe and sound." When the Holy Mother of Heavenly Desire heard that she had been hurt by the power of her fingers, she looked even more horrified and said, "Power of your fingers?"? In terms of finger skills alone, there are at least a dozen kinds of martial arts in the Central Plains. Each school has its own expertise, but the most mysterious one is the loyal finger of the Red Bean Fairy. Have you ever found out what kind of finger strength it is? Xie Laosi shook his head and said, "I know Zhongyuan Finger Skill like the palm of my hand. I can recognize its name and function whether it is present or lost. But I can't find out what I saw tonight. There is nothing unusual about the wound except a small bright red heart-shaped mark.".

    ” When the Holy Mother of Heavenly Desire heard this, warehouse pallet racks ,industrial racking systems, she exclaimed, "It's a loyal heart!" The Evil Old Four said with a sneer, "You are good at attacking but not good at defending in the Central Plains, but the old brothers are not afraid of his loyal fingers. If you meet that boy again, seal the main points of the whole body in advance, and you must capture him alive!" When the Holy Mother of Heavenly Desire saw him raving, she couldn't help sneering and replied, "Evil Old Four, that's not true. That boy Qianlong has a wonderful invisibility. I'm afraid you'll never see his face. Hum, what else can we talk about?" "Fairy of Desire," said Evil Old Four in a harsh voice, "let's wait and see. What kind of invisibility?"? It's not equal to the'smoke and dust 'skill of Wulin in our country. It's not difficult to see where his light shadow is with my brother's divine eyes! The Holy Mother of Heavenly Desire was so angry that she laughed and said, "Smoke and dust?"? Ha-ha! The Holy Mother has seen too much about the skill of smoke and dust. No matter how high the skill of the practitioner is, it is hard to avoid seeing a touch of light smoke and dust. But the invisible skill of the hidden dragon boy can't even be seen in the sunlight. Evil old four, if you underestimate the enemy, you will suffer. When the evil old four heard this, he was stunned and could not open his mouth. Jin Lurong suddenly felt that Nan Baihua was pulling behind her back. Knowing what she meant, she immediately said in a charming voice, "Weird old man, can you make way now?" When the fourth evil brother heard this, he was startled and knew that he was afraid of the enemy. "Little girl," he said with a sneer, "where can't you go? Why do you insist that the old man give way? When Jin Lurong saw that he was insolent and rude, she could not help scolding him, "You old man who don't know each other, then you can try my trick." Her voice out of the palm, "call" a move "clear and muddy division"! Go to Zhonggong, step on Hongmen and split it in the chest! As soon as the evil old four felt that the wind in his palm was different, he gave a loud shout and waved his arm to catch it. "Peng" a loud noise, he actually pedaled back three big steps to take the Chun to stabilize, this only saw him so angry that he cried out, howling counterattack! Jin Lurong sneered, "I must ask you to get out of the way." Two palms with the sound, "Peng Peng Peng"! Fighting hard three times one after another, she was advancing step by step, while the evil old four was retreating step by step, and even could not stand steadily. Heaven wanted the Virgin Mary to be a bystander. She never dreamed that this young girl had such an amazing internal force. She was shocked to see it. She hated Jin Lurong deeply. At this time, she was able to miss a good opportunity. She pretended to be idle and said, "The little sister's skill is not bad. Let the elder sister come and play, OK?" She said, stay and do it from the side! Nan Baihua sneered, "What a witch! I don't want to kill you, but you don't know what's good for you." Flash at one side immediately and shout loudly: "Old temptress, do you want to die?"? "If you want to die, stand obediently and don't move. Otherwise, please taste my loyal finger." When the Holy Mother of Heavenly Desire heard the sound, she suddenly retreated and said, "Qianlong boy, why are you here?" "Three hundred and sixty days a year," said Nan Baihua with a sneer,Teardrop Pallet Racking, "I'm always near you, the temptress. Whenever you're restless, you'll die." 。

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