Darker And Darker – The less sturdy classes

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  • Darker And Darker – The less sturdy classes

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    Darker And Darker – The less sturdy classes

    Darker And Darker – The less sturdy classes

    It's likely that the jerky interactions are an attempt to making classes more balanced

    The classes with less durability (except for wizards) require quick interactions to in escaping or maintaining distance, these being the rogue and ranger.

    I do think that they've overdid it.. but that doesnt mean that it's not the only method of interaction, for the example, barbarians with extremely low resourcefulness to interact with items have access to 'Smash' perk which destroy all unreinforced chests or doors by using the two-handed axe.

    In extreme situations, wizards can use fireballs to blow open doors and provide an escape too.

    The game is still in playtest, please give them some slack i still hope that it will have more in-depth combat or mechanics. Maybe not Mordhau-like levels, but rather between chivalry and where the game currently is and at the very minimum dodging.

    Give the game time and don't bother with those 'git gud' players All feedback (actual critics) is regarded as feedback to the devs. Let's hope that they listen.

    It's not a game that everyone will love. I appreciate your being so reasonable. A breath of fresh air in the forums tbh.

    I would like you to look into looking for what scratches you have.
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