Davis can provide more realistic stadium goals

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  • Davis can provide more realistic stadium goals

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    Davis can provide more realistic stadium goals

    Davis can provide more realistic stadium goals

    With Los Angeles as leverage, Spanos could ask for one the most prestigious sports arenas. If San Diego wasn't able to fulfill the request, LA would be. However, the demands of Davis could be much more easy for San Diego to reach, especially if the Madden NFL 23 is willing to contribute $100 million toward the cause.

    Through The LA Daily News:

    Davis doesn't intend to build an enormous $1.7 billion facility. He's seeking a more modest, contemporary venue that includes all the bells and whistles as well as revenue streams of new stadiums all over the league. But with a smaller price tag.

    As Davis has explained during the owners meeting in Houston The additional $100 million toward finding a solution to Oakland doesn't fix the issue of land, which has been a hindrance to a resolution in the face of city. Davis is seeking 120 acres more to work with, but the city has rejected his demands.

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