Demon Law _ Dancing _ txt Novel Paradise

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  • Demon Law _ Dancing _ txt Novel Paradise

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    Demon Law _ Dancing _ txt Novel Paradise

    The next day.. The rain seems to be lighter. But it was still clattering on the ground. The third day.. Light rain continues. The fourth day.. Still continue.. This rain. It rained off and on for six days. The north, which was originally dry and cold, became wet. It seems that the air is full of moisture. Let these soldiers of the Storm Legion, who live in the north all the year round, treat this wet. The weather is very uncomfortable, and it feels wet. It was as if there was water in his own body. The clothes were wet and stuck to the body. It's very uncomfortable. Finally. On the morning of the sixth day, the orcs attacked again! Between heaven and earth, the light rain is still continuing. Upon hearing the call of the orcs, the Imperial soldiers are standing by above the walls! Raindrops fell on people's bodies, armor and weapons. Hit out countless tiny hydration, rain water flowing down the forehead,Plastic Foam Dispenser Bottle, blurred people's eyes. But at this time. Phalanxes of orcs have reopened their camps. The drums beat rapidly. The orcs are in a dark array. In the midst of the sound of the horn, the orc soldiers in the front row, holding their shields high, a large group of orcs,16 Oz Clear Plastic Bottles With Caps, began to face. The trench group under the wall launched a charge! It was filled with trenches the last time. Because after the fire, most of the stuff inside. After the burning of the flame has been reduced to ashes, making the trench The ditch can be used for the second time. But now.. Archers! Forty-five degrees ! Throw !!” The observer gave the order quietly. Behind the wall, thousands of archers stood in the rain. They strained their longbows. But this time the oscillation of the bowstring seemed so weak! A round of projectiles. The arrow in the sky is also so loose and weak, falling askew on the ground, and even most of them deviate from the direction! No way out! It rained day after day. The weather is wet. With the soaking of rain, these are the natural enemies of the bow and arrow! On rainy days, rain soaking and wet weather corrosion will make most of the bowstrings become loose and weak! It can be said In the age of cold weapons, Foam Pump Bottles Wholesale ,Uv Gel Nail Polish Bottle, the rainy season is the natural arms of archers. Killer! On a rainy day. Will reduce the archer's power by at least 70%! The original strong bowstring is now under the control of the soldiers. It's still so soft. Although many archers switched to a dry backup longbow. But In the middle of the rain, the rain keeps washing away. So that the bowstring quickly becomes wet and soft down. Bow and arrows were thrown here and there. It is very difficult to form an effective kill on the attacking orcs! "射 ! !  A salvo "Rojantar shouted angrily.". The groups of orcs, under a rain of loose arrows, ran easily before the trench group, paying little damage. Less than a meal. Has already made The first trench is all filled in! Bags of sand were thrown into the ditch. Even after perceiving that the human bow and arrow seemed to have lost most of its power in the rain, the second wave came up to fill the trench. Orc soldiers. Just take off the heavy armor on your body! Many orcs even went shirtless. !! More than 80% of the bows and arrows. The range has become much shorter, and only some of the arrows can still hit the head of the orc. Also scattered. Weak and unable to form at all Effectively covering the kill. At the moment, only the powerful ballista in the towers on the walls are still firing hard, trying to kill the orcs sporadically. The ballista is fired from a noose. Rain and humidity will not affect the noose too much. But the problem is. This powerful ballista is more penetrating than Is to cover the damage, and the orcs rushed up to fill the trench team is very transport, a crossbow shot out, at most kill one or two orcs. But After all, the number of ballista is limited. Ah Dozens of ballista cannons kept firing. But the ditch was soon filled by the orcs! In the first battlefield. The orcs are under the sharp bow and arrow of the humans. A trench that took thousands of sacrifices to fill! But this time, they only paid less than 100 damage! One morning 。

    The 100-meter-wide trench group under the city wall has been basically filled with sand! And for this situation. There's nothing humans can do! This weather. Even the gunpowder attack is useless! A nasty rainy day 。 It is also difficult for the air force hot air balloon behind to take off and attack the enemy effectively. After successfully filling in the trench. Originally, this was the death zone that had given orcs a great deal of killing. Has become a smooth road! In the orc camp 。 Burst out a rush. The cry and cheer of the sky! Then the horn sounded and the drums beat. A phalanx of Orc Metro Armor. Come up slowly! "Get on the siege vehicle!" Bestine stood in front of the battle. Watch the trench being filled in. His heart can not help but loudly praise the beast God bless! The rain is so good. !! Behind, the orcs struggled to shout, one by one tens of meters tall siege vehicle was pushed out! This is a siege weapon made by dwarf craftsmen these days. The siege vehicle was tens of meters high. Each one is seven or eight meters wide! Yes, twenty meters The highest point is more than thirty meters high! It is even faintly higher than the human wall. ! The wooden siege vehicle seemed to be a tower, with a chassis under it. And log wheels rolling. Under each siege vehicle, there were hundreds of strong men in strong armor. The orcs pushed hard, and the siege vehicle. It was covered with thick animal skins, which were originally intended to prevent human rocket attacks, after all, wooden things were most afraid of fire. However. Look at this rainy day. It seems that there is no need to worry about the problem of fire! Roar! Roar! Roar! Roar! In a heavy cry. Caught in the sound of creaking wooden wheels rolling, dozens of tall siege vehicles were slowly pushed down in front of the array. Toward the human dungeons The wall is forcing through! Rojantar, above the walls,oil dropper bottle, was immediately aware of the threat of this huge moving tower! Inside the siege wagon. There was a faint cry from the orcs, and in the crevices of the wood, there seemed to be a light of metal shaking!.

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