Diablo games resides in playing through the story

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  • Diablo games resides in playing through the story

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    Diablo games resides in playing through the story

    Blizzard has been at pains to highlight that Immortal's revenue monetization may be ignored up to the point of the game's final It's true, and claims that the majority of players play the game without having to spend anything, which is plausible. It's untrue to say that the most enjoyable part of Diablo games resides in playing through the story rather than maxing out your character. It's also absurd to claim that the games have always been designed to stimulate an obsession with hitting the power limit in their players. For people with a tendency towards addiction to gambling, or attracted to the addictive properties of Diablo's game itemor, perhaps even both -- the legendary crest system can be an abuser and could be extremely damaging.

    To everyone else this makes Diablo less enjoyable.

    There was a time when we were here and we've been there before, or at least somewhere similar to it. When Diablo 3 launched in 2012, it featured an auction house with real money in which players could buy and sell their drop items. In theory, this existed to prevent cheating and scamming that beset item trading within Diablo 2. In order to steer players toward the auction house, Blizzard lowered loot drop rates in the game to the amount that equipping your character with a weapon became a tedious chore, and the game as overall was not enjoyable to play. The auction house that was a snobbery was removed and drop rate have been increased since 2014, Diablo 3 instantly became more enjoyable, even before the innovations of The Reaper of Souls expansion elevated it to legendary status.

    What's the lesson? It might be logical on paper for you to think about monetizing Diablo's loot, but when you begin to do it this, you're draining enjoyment from the game. This is the same for Diablo Immortal and it is noticeable before it gets to the endgame because it's embedded into the game's gameplay. The drop of loot is less effective, while character progression is artificially slow and distributed across too many systems, which are too grindy and too fine. The game has been better disguised than it was at the time of the release of Diablo 3, but it's similar to a boring and boring game. A battle pass purchase or spending a large sum on legendary crests won't do much in the sense that paying for a great item drop isn't as exciting as simply grabbing one.
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