Dominate a beautiful wife

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  • Dominate a beautiful wife

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    Dominate a beautiful wife

    "Oh, does Director Kyle mean to imply that Aamly is about to release an album?" Kyle shrugged his shoulders and smiled. He walked up to Mu Manqing and handed her a registration form and a pass. "Tomorrow morning at nine o'clock, the recording studio on the eighth floor of Aotuo Media will audition for the theme song of the famous director Du Kun's movie. I've got the quota for you. Whether it can be done or not depends on you. I have something to deal with urgently, so I won't accompany you." Mu Manqing frowned, "at nine o'clock tomorrow morning, Weilang's advertisement will be shot!" Kyle heard her words, his face rippled with a meaningful smile, "I have pushed for you, not only Weilang pushed, but also the rest of the small advertisements except for a few important ones!" Looking at her suppressed anger, Kyle felt nervous. "Well, that's it, I'm going to catch a plane!" With that, he gave Luo Xiao a look of self-reliance and immediately left. Are you kidding? Stay here. He has personally experienced the ability of this ancestor to torment people. Last time, he helped her push three advertisements, and the three of them joined forces to rectify them. This time, he pushed so many advertisements. It would be strange if he didn't avoid the limelight? Leave the eldest brother and Luo Xiao two people to toss about for her. Several people in the training room heard their conversation, in addition to Jiang Li, the other three eyes all flashed a trace of jealousy, they wanted to shoot advertisements but did not shoot, but she was good, actually turned down, but also the broker turned down, how can this make people not jealous? Although they also have agents, but now is the training period, in addition to some necessary activities they will mention in the side, basically there is no intersection, even if there is, but also take some unfashionable advertisements to them, if they do not want to shoot, they will attract his eyes. Of the five people, only she has an assistant, but also two,Serum Bottle With Dropper, several people are the same group of signers. However, the woman in front of us can be called a third-tier star, but they have few opportunities to appear in the camera. In this sharp contrast, it is normal to feel unbalanced, especially Fu Xin, the champion. Run faster than a rabbit! Lin Yixiang looked at Kyle's disappearing figure and muttered. You Xin stood beside her, heard her grunt, and pulled out a rare faint smile at the corners of her mouth: "I think he was afraid of us!" No longer need to stay here for training, Mu Manqing followed Luo Xiao, two hours of training time later changed to practice fist and foot kungfu, and Lin Yixiang and Youxin as her assistant, of course, are with her. Li Dan withdrew his eyes, looked at the rest of the people inside, smiled and said: "You also work hard, Aamly has today, Cosmetic Packaging Wholesale ,Amber Dropper Bottles, is her own spell out." Isn't it covered by Kyle, the gold broker? Of course she can run faster than others. When Li Dan heard his words, he frowned. "It's undeniable that Kyle is on the one hand, but Kyle is also very picky, not top-notch. He doesn't take it. Aamly has the strength to let him take it. She can practice all kinds of expressions in front of the mirror while practicing her voice. Who can?"? She will come back here to practice after shooting the commercial at one o'clock in the morning. Who has her endurance? She has always felt that this man is a little petty, but also has a great prejudice against Aamly, Aamly is cold, basically do not care about him, if you meet someone else, you can step on him casually. In the afternoon, Mu Manqing ordered Kyle to stagger her advertising time. She took the elevator to the top floor without going out in the evening. Inside the office, the man sat at his desk, meticulously looking at the documents, heard the sound of the elevator opening, turned around and looked at her with a smile, "How was the practice?" Mu Manqing went to the sofa and threw the weight of his whole body into the comfortable and soft sofa. His tone was suffocating: "I stayed in the gym with him for two hours this afternoon. He said I didn't have enough strength. I had to practice strength first." Mo Yan Zhuo closed the document and came to her side, kneading her shoulders forcefully with his palms. "Your physical strength is really poor, and your skill can't be practiced in a day or two. I'll teach you something else in the evening!" Mu Manqing thought he was talking about that thing in bed, rolled his eyes and didn't take it to heart.

    Have you finished your work? Last night, Chen Ma Yixiang was going to help me celebrate my birthday. I didn't go back. I'll make up for it today. Mo Yan Zhuo smiled and grabbed the car keys on his desk. "Let's go!" His work is never done, but even if he is busy, he will spare time to accompany her. When they got home, Lin Yixiang and Youxin, who had gone home early, had prepared everything. The table was full of exquisite dishes, and the whole restaurant was filled with the fragrance of food. Miss, Mr. Mo is back! Chen Ma came out of the kitchen with a bowl of thick soup and saw the two of them with a loving smile on her face. Yang Lan, who was in the room, heard her words and hurriedly pushed the wheelchair out, "Sister Manqing, I haven't seen you for a long time. I can only see your advertisement on TV!" Recently this period of time Mu Manqing is very busy, came back after the early morning, go out early in the morning, afraid to disturb them to sleep, she did not come down here. You slept when she came home, and you didn't get up in the morning, so of course you couldn't see it! Lin Yixiang interrupted as he fiddled with the bowls and chopsticks. Wow, sister Manqing, is it as hard as you to be a star? Mu Manqing smiled and helped her push the wheelchair into the restaurant. Her tone was natural and casual: "I'm just busy in the early stage. If you want to harvest, you have to pay for it!" Mo Yanzhuo washed his hands and sat down in the seat next to her. Hearing her words, the corners of his mouth were slightly raised, and he whispered close to her ear: "Is it true that the harder I work, the greater the harvest will be?" He paused and then said jokingly, "Shall we have a baby some other time?" To be honest, he was really looking forward to their children, although she did not want to disclose, do not want to marry, but this aspect, he often unconsciously to think, every time finished, he dropped the condom, thinking, if this thing into her body,Blue Bottle Serum, how good it would be, but he also knew that at present, this kind of thing can only think about it.

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