Fairy Doctor in the City

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  • Fairy Doctor in the City

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    Fairy Doctor in the City

    Nowadays. Song Jiaying has officially posed as a flamboyant girlfriend. After Zhang Yang showed his excellence. Naturally, it came into the sight of many people. Song Jiaying also found that many small nurses always intentionally or unintentionally listen to the news of publicity. She seemed more concerned about the relationship between her and Zhang Yang. Despite Song Jiaying's easy-going temper. He is very friendly with everyone on weekdays. Never care about anything with others. But there is no reason to give in to this kind of thing. Now she is more and more attracted by her flamboyant performance. Therefore, Song Jiaying began to openly pose as a flamboyant girlfriend. He is no longer as shy as he used to be in front of people. Appear as a couple in a big way. To this. Zhang Yang is no longer taboo. It's also enjoyable to have a woman who cares about herself and takes care of herself. Make public. You eat this! In the hospital canteen at noon. As if no one was watching, Song Jiaying picked up a braised chicken leg and sent it to Zhang Yang's bowl. Naturally, she did this specially when she came home last night. Zhang Yang also accepts all comers. Pick up the drumstick and put it in your mouth. Originally. This body is too weak. Now I have to practice every day. Nutrition naturally needs to keep up. Hum! Love is more important than friends! He Hui muttered to herself on one side. Dissatisfied, he used the spoon in his hand to vent his anger on the rice in the bowl. There are no prawns today. Naturally, no one invited her to eat. That drumstick is tempting. But there are only two. Even Song Jiaying herself doesn't eat. Obviously, there is no place for her. He Hui is not happy is obviously reasonable, he Hui this wench although shrewish, cooking skills are not good. She and Song Jiaying shared a house, and most of the time she enjoyed Song Jiaying's craftsmanship, but now Song Jiaying disappeared every three or five times, and she couldn't find anyone after work. As a result, she had been eating instant noodles for several days, and occasionally Song Jiaying did not have her share of the delicious food, and she could not blame her for being unhappy. Song Jiaying did not notice He Hui's dissatisfaction at all. She is now happier to watch Zhang Yang eat chicken legs than to eat them herself. Zhang Yang,inflatable floating water park, do you really want to make a house call? Song Jiaying remembered that the middle-aged woman had asked Zhang Yang to make a house call yesterday and asked. Uh Zhang Yang swallowed the chicken leg in his mouth and said to Song Jiaying, "She went through the formalities yesterday. Since it was the work of the hospital, she naturally wanted to go. However, the patient's family asked to go at night, and the hospital agreed, so she had to go after work." "So?" Song Jiaying seemed a little disappointed and said,Inflatable water park on lake, "Then I'll go to your house to cook dinner for my uncle after work. You go back early." "All right, you go, wait for me at home, and eat at home in the evening!" Chapter 1 [Chapter 029] Zhang Yang's Home Visit I sent a chapter in the morning. Why didn't I send it? Send it again. Let's have a lot of support! Although the name of Songyun Community is good, the surrounding environment and housing conditions are worse than those of Railway New Village. Today is a cloudy day. At five or six o'clock, it is not so bright. With the shelter of the surrounding houses, the narrow passage between the buildings is even darker. Originally, with his flamboyant temper, he would not be so polite to patients who did not follow the doctor's advice. But now that the hospital has agreed to the visiting service, he has no objection to it. Although he is only an intern, he is still in the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Rainbow District Hospital. One breath on the sixth floor, Inflatable water obstacle course ,inflatable floating water park, Zhang Yang can not help but some asthma, every day to this time his True Qi is very little, which makes Zhang Yang quite a bit of trouble. Compared with the medical books, there is nothing wrong with his own method of practice, to say that this body, in addition to a little weaker, there is nothing else obviously wrong. This matter is Zhang Yang's recent annoyance, but it can't be solved for a while. Maybe he can improve the situation by making his body stronger. As soon as he knocked on the door, it opened, and it was the middle-aged woman who opened the door. It was as if she had been waiting behind the door to open it. As soon as she saw Zhang Yang, she immediately smiled and said, "Is Dr. Zhang here?"? Thank you for your trouble! Come in and sit down. Zhang Yang knew from the information that the woman in front of him was Yu Huilan, and he said hello and went into the room. The house is a set of two rooms and one hall, which is very clean and almost spotless. The furniture looked very simple, with a cloth sofa under the windowsill of the living room and a small dining table against the wall on one side. Opposite is a cabinet, the style is quite old-fashioned, looks a little old, with a 21-inch TV set on it.

    There is a photo frame beside the TV, in which there is a group photo of a man and a woman. The man is a soldier and looks quite heroic. The woman is very young and beautiful, but she has the shadow of Yu Huilan. Seeing that Zhang Yang noticed the photo, Yu Huilan smiled and said, "That's Yutong's father." Then he said, "Doctor Zhang, sit down and don't stand." Zhang Yang sat on the sofa, and Yu Huilan was busy serving tea. Without seeing the girl who wanted to see the doctor, Zhang Yang asked, "Isn't your daughter here?" Yu Huilan was coming over with the tea she had just made, and when she heard Zhang Yang ask, she immediately showed an embarrassed look. "I'm sorry, Dr. Zhang," he said shyly. "Our Yutong hasn't got home yet. You can sit down for a while. She should be here soon." See Zhang Yang's face seems to be a little worried. Yu Huilan scolded her daughter again, saying, "This girl is also a land.". I won't come back by this time. Let Dr. Zhang wait. I'm so embarrassed. "How long will it take?" Zhang Yang has some helplessness. This girl is really. Let her come for a follow-up visit. I came to see her again, and she was not there. If according to his previous temper. I'm afraid I'll leave immediately. But they all say that they don't hit the smiling face with their hands. Yu Huilan has been accompanied by a smiling face. Scolding her daughter is not. Let Zhang Yang be more or less unable to get angry. He had to ask patiently. Almost there. Soon! Yu Huilan hastened to answer, "I will be back soon at this time as usual.". Today, I especially told her to come back early. Dr. Zhang,Jumping castle with slide, please sit down for a while. Why don't you have some dessert first? There are dumplings at home. I'll go for you now! Yu Huilan spoke very fast. It's always like firing a machine gun. I can't even get a word in edgewise. At this moment, she finally stopped and seemed ready to go to the dumpling. "No," he said hurriedly. I'll wait a little longer. She must have a phone. Give her a call to urge her! 'Alas. OK. OK! I'm going to fight. 。 joyshineinflatables.com

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