Green sleeves

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  • Green sleeves

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    Green sleeves

    "I'm afraid it won't be long." She said thoughtfully. Order is always to be established and morality is always to be maintained. "No one can control us." I had a rabbit, all white, with red eyes. It's Bai Zhener. I love Bai Zhener. She said, walking out of the bathroom and sitting down on the tatami. Did you give it away? He stood behind her. I'm not willing to give up. She stretched out her hand and gestured, "It's strange to be an elf from such a small age.". He squatted at the door every day and waited for me to come home. But she suddenly stopped talking. He crouched down and shook her shoulder. Bai Zhener is gone. Her tears began to flow. "They, oh, the neighbor said, were captured, killed and eaten nine times out of seven.". But I don't believe it. Because I didn't go home for two days and two nights. I knew Bai Zhener was angry with me and simply left. "I'm not Bai Zhener. I won't leave you just because you're not here for a while." "I didn't think so before, but now I can't help thinking so." The teenager walked around in front of her, looked into her eyes and said, "I swear to you." He raised his right hand and looked at her. "I won't be like Bai Zhener. No one can eat me!" He couldn't help kissing her beautiful eyes, but she didn't respond, just let him kiss. What's the matter with you? "Well, I believe you." She pondered for a long time. Only then did she say what she really wanted to say: "It seems that there will be another war. Those who fought before will not fight now, and those who did not fight before will fight now.". What if it hits us on the head? What if we get separated? "Don't be afraid, I'll look for you everywhere." He licked her chin with his tongue, looked down her neck, licked her nipples and continued to lick her down to her navel. Can't find it? She's still thinking about her problem. How so? I can find it! "What if I can't find it for many years?" "No matter how many years I will look for it!" He had licked the place he wanted to lick most,heavy duty cantilever racks, and he took a breath and said. What about you "If you have been looking for me for a hundred years, I will be looking for you for a hundred years," she said with a long breath. A hundred years from now, our souls will be together. "It's a deal!" "Make it clear?" She pulled him up, looked him in the eye and said, "It's a deal!" The two of them looked at each other, feeling as uncomfortable as their bodies were roasting on the flames. Although they had thrown away several times today,heavy duty metal racks, they were still hungry and wanted to be more satisfied, to raise their appetites, and to throw more excitedly. Tamako said to the boy, "Do you know what I want to see most now?" "I don't know?" Yuzi blushed. "I'm embarrassed to say." The boy looked at her curiously. What's there to say between us? "Then I will say." Tamako, don't turn your face away. She's still a little hesitant. Look, it's still light outside. It's drizzling. There's no one there. "Yes, it's not quite light yet." "I want to see you come out of the rain and knock on my door." "What's there?" "I want you to wear no clothes at all, just like this!" "Hi!" The boy exclaimed. What if someone sees you? How to explain? This is Manying Dormitory, surrounded by your colleagues! "I don't know what to do: if someone sees it, it spreads all over the factory.". Our backs are being punctured now, and then they will be punctured. Tamako thought that if there was a mirror in front of her now, her face would be red to her neck. She said, "I'm afraid I just want to be seen.". No, push back racking system ,drive in racking system, no, I just want to be afraid of being seen. Teenagers do not understand Yuzi's psychology, as if it is too complicated. But he said, "If you want to see it, I will let you see it. I don't care whether others will see it or what they will say.". I'll do anything for you! He said happily, "You'll have to warm me up as soon as I come in anyway!" With these words, he stood up and walked slowly naked to open the door. She straightened up and watched with fascination. The boy turned and smiled at her, then went out and closed the door. His footsteps came clearly, step by step down the stairs, such as her heartbeat, gradually rapid up, even breathing is rapid up. Jade son in front of the eyes of the golden flower, she grabbed her leg, hard pinch, there is pain. Now I come to my senses.

    What does this mean? Why did such a big man suddenly disappear? In spite of herself, she jumped up from the tatami and strode to the door before she could get dressed. She opened the door: the dusk drizzle, the outside like a block of a dark board, the rain shone on the light inside the door, leisurely drawing traces on the black. She opened her mouth and was dumbfounded. There were no teenagers in the unfathomable darkness. Suddenly, she rushed down the stairs and into the rain, completely unaware of the coolness of the rain on her naked body, as to whether she would be seen by others, she did not even think about it. If someone can help her find the teenager at this time, she won't care. She looked around the garden, but she still couldn't see anyone. This "garden" has long been neglected, except for trees and weeds, only wild flowers. She opened her arms wide, turned around in the rain, kicked mud with bare feet, and said, "What should I do?"? People are gone, what should we do? Xiao Luo! She exclaimed. But no one said yes. Xiao Luo! No matter how someone would laugh at her when she heard it, she simply amplified her voice and shouted, "Xiao Luo!" Jade son in confusion and panic, once again turned around, this just saw the teenager standing behind her, is secretly looking at her, also infatuated. The rain fell on their naked bodies over their heads. She turned around and hugged him and kissed him hard on the cheek. How dare you run away! How dare you run away! "I've been looking at you, and your body is so beautiful in the rain." The boy gasped in her ear. "And I understand what you're thinking: I'm just afraid to be seen naked, and I want to be seen!" Jade son in the heart a tight, two people embrace together, the movement is so fierce, together fall on the grass that the rain flows,shuttle rack system, muddy water splashes all over the body. They twisted each other fiercely, and the rain-drenched bodies were really burning, and even steam was coming out of them.

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