He Xichen [wear quickly]

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  • He Xichen [wear quickly]

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    He Xichen [wear quickly]

    The Mighty Escort Agency run by the He family in Guanzhong is very famous in Jianghu. It also has a name in the government. There are people in both black and white. It has a big family and a big business. As long as the dart Walker shows the flag of the Mighty Escort Agency, the insects on the road will not dare to move their minds easily. Recently, a big event happened in the He family. All the escorts who traveled all over the country secretly received the news that their only daughter was lost! There is only one little girl in the Ho family of this generation. Her name is "He Jia," and she is so beautiful that she is a typical little girl who does not go out of the door and does not go out of the door and is raised in the boudoir. Her parents sent her all the portraits of young handsome men in Guanzhong, but none of them got into her eyes. The marriage was delayed again and again, and now she is twenty-two years old. He Zong dart head is also anxious, directly released the news, to give her daughter to choose a son-in-law, the next day has always been docile and gentle son disappeared in the boudoir. A handsome scholar dressed in green pine and cypress, carrying his bags on his back, bowed his head and hurried past the street. Why not do such an extraordinary thing for the first time? I feel so guilty that my palms are wet with sweat. Her heart was full of fear, but there was also a kind of gratuitous joy. She is going to the West Lake. Go find someone. If he couldn't find it, he would accept his fate and come back to get married. Everything is like a beautiful dream that happened in the script and on the stage. Ten years ago, she followed her mother to the West Lake to spend the summer and enjoy the lotus. She was scattered by the crowd and almost abducted by Pai Hua Zi. Fortunately, she was saved by a man wearing a bamboo hat, which saved her from a disaster. In fact, I forgot what kind of scenery the West Lake was like that summer, but I only remembered the Haiqing wide-sleeved robe on his body, the Buddha beads hanging down his neck, and the faint smell of sandalwood. The broad bamboo hat covered half of the man's face, revealing only his square and handsome chin and red lips. He held him in his arms and walked out of the crowd, leaving only a string of ice-sugar gourds and a yellow oil-paper umbrella. From then on,stainless steel edging strip, the July of the West Lake was just a muddle-headed encounter and embrace at the age of twelve. It is absurd to say that after more than 20 years of muddleheaded marriage, the thought of "I have to see that person again" suddenly came into being. She did not know his name, did not know his face, even face to face, may not recognize, but why not always think, do not look for it, she will certainly regret. Water and land,china tile trim, why not take an ox cart and a donkey cart, squeeze through the ferry, hold the old oil-paper umbrella, all the way south. The business of Hongbin Building is very prosperous, especially at noon, there are no empty seats, the waiters are busy, and they don't even have time to drink water. The smell of fireworks made him shrink his shoulders uncomfortably. The bartender courteously guided her. Unable to find half an empty table, he could only bow and say with a smile, "It's time for you to share a table with someone else." "Nothing, nothing." Why not step back, the bartender took her around again, and finally came to a table by the window where five people were sitting at the Eight Immortals table, two or three sentences to deal with, and in the blink of an eye she was the only one left. Why not be a little embarrassed, tile trim factory ,aluminium edge trim, embarrassed to sit beside the only girl, but recovered to dress himself as a man, such behavior is really a bit of Meng Lang, just want to get up, but the little girl pulled the wrist. Sit down and sit down. Where else are you going? He Shiqing sharp-eyed, naturally can see in front of this thin scholar is a female childe, also do not expose, only poured a cup of tea for her. Lin Baixiao took the hat that He Xichen and the others had taken off and put it by the wall. While wiping his sweat, he asked, "We are destined to eat at the same table. I don't know your name." "I didn't expect Almsgiver Lin to say" fate. "" He Xichen next to him joked and nodded to him, "Poor Monk's Mirror." He should also be a monk. Why not think in the heart, the eyes can not help but carefully describe the opposite smiling He Xichen, and then can not help sighing-as if he looks like this, as if he is not. It seems that the childe is not willing to say first, then I will throw out a brick to attract jade. Lin Baixiao is also not afraid of silence, directly folded his fists, "Lin Baixiao, Linan Renshi." Why not just learn his appearance in a hurry: "I … …" Next.. She glanced at the oil-paper umbrella at her feet and suddenly said, "I'm Xu Xian." "Cough!" He Shiqing choked the tea, and the rest of the people were holding back their smiles and looked at Lin and Xi one after another.

    Bored Lin and Xi Ben also hid under the curtain hat secretly eating sugar fried chestnuts, after all, the chestnuts on the road were confiscated by He Xichen, now only from Lu Weixi there to cheat a few, of course, have to eat quickly, or be robbed by He Xiaohua. When he suddenly heard the name "Xu Xian", he was also a little confused. Seeing that everyone else was watching a good show, he had no choice but to swallow the chestnuts. In the eyes of ridicule, he slowly took off his hat. His silver-white hair made his skin transparent. He hesitated and said, "I'm White Snake..?" That head of white hair was really eye-catching in the crowd. It was so dark that only his white head and a smooth and bright bald head could not be eye-catching? Lin and Xi gloomily broke off a chestnut and stuffed it into their mouths. Suddenly they heard He Xichen solemnly say, "Unfortunately, the poor monk Fa Hai." "Then I," He Shiqing rolled his eyes, "I am Xiaoqing-Qing!" Lin Baixiao couldn't help laughing. He knew that the three freaks in Kuchan Temple never played cards according to common sense, but he felt more and more that they were very interesting. He thought that even if he only made friends with them, he would never be bored all his life. "The clumsy Lu Weixi clasped his fists and could not hold back a word." Wei Xi, his name is Lu Wei Xi. He Xichen poured him a cup of tea and joked, "You too, don't force it if you can't say it." "Why not blush with shame and not know what to do?" All right! Lin Baixiao knocked on the table, "jokes are jokes, don't take it seriously!"! Mr. Xu, don't look at them out of tune. In fact, there is no malice. As soon as He Shiqing and Lin Hexi got better, they gave each other a gift and said, "Master Xu Xian, we have no shape.". My name is Lin Hexi, not White Snake. "My name is He Shiqing, and I am Xiaohua,aluminium tile trim profiles, not Xiaoqing." Why not blush back a salute, hemmed and hawed and said: "I was wrong first, I..." "I'm not called Xu Xian either. Why not?" 。 jecatrims.com

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