How to weld a sanitary manway to a tank.

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  • How to weld a sanitary manway to a tank.

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    How to weld a sanitary manway to a tank.

    To install a sanitary manway  into a small head of the tank.

    1.Added your quarter marks to the tank head and tack in four places down to the table to help hold it in place.

    2. After test-fitting you may have to grind scenarios back on the head to ensure a good fit.

    3. Lower the man way into the head and line it up using the quarter bar. It is important to make sure your manway is sitting level in the head.

    4. Pack it at the quarter mark and proceed to flow stack it all the way around.

    5.Before welding, install this heat sink. make it clamp into place, which helps prevent the manway from getting out of rounds when we weld it.

    6.Time to weld all the way around.

    7. Let it cool off completely before we cut it loose.

    8. Ready to flip it and weld the inside.

    9.  Be sure to leave your bracing or your heatsink on the inside attached to the manway until you've done all welding and everything cools down completely.

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