I know the reason I understand

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  • I know the reason I understand

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    I know the reason I understand

    Infected by trolls, and not even able to act. Steam has shown that their moderation of threads poor. As the maker of a thread, we must be able to have some control over what goes on in our own threads in the event that steam mods fail to properly handle it. 12 Hour+ on some reports. But with that said...

    Lets try this again!

    If you are feeling the need to criticize this game, please do so here. Make sure to stop here first, and make inquiries if keen to play DaD! If you just intend to be a wretch and complain at the thought of playing. Please feel free to not speak a word. It is your right to be removed from DaD without giving your bad opinions. There are people who will offer suggestions and help understand the game better. So please ask questions here! There are skilled players available to assist you in closing the gap! You're not the only one in the darkness! Trolls are reported and not listened to.

    In the most recent hotfix they did give Wizard an smack in the shins huh?

    I know the reason I understand, even though after having a go at it the other night, I am 100 percent certain that this class (and the casters generally) do not suit me.

    Most of my time was spent on Ranger last night. I was enjoying it for the most part but probably will just remain with Fighter particularly after the Weapon Master change is now only a 10% drop in power, not 20 percent.
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