Imperial Warlord Growth Program

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  • Imperial Warlord Growth Program

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    Imperial Warlord Growth Program

    He Wei's face was not good at once: "How can you be like this? Okaskami Hill doesn't want you anymore. He will have a second child next year. The only thing he is thinking about is his present queen. Why don't you accept General Nelson's pursuit and have a new alpha?" "Wilsternelson has been married for a long time, has had several children, and even has a large number of lovers. What do you want to do?"? Is this trying to sell me? He Yang became emotional, and as soon as a string of words came out one after another, he coughed violently one after another. "What else do you want to do?" He Wei said confidently? You are an Omega who can't come to estrus. It's good to find alpha. Do you still expect others to marry you? What is your status now? What is the status of General Nelson? It's good to be a lover. He Yang's eyes were red, and he was so emotional that he overturned the tea table beside the bed: "I said, I don't agree, I just don't agree.". Wilsternelson is a member of the Alliance. Do you want to betray your country by colluding with him and forcing me to be with him? Don't forget that although we are at war with the royal family, we are still citizens of Dias, not traitors? If you do this, how can you live up to your grandfather's spirit in heaven and the great military exploits accumulated by the He family over the years? A citizen of Dias? Who admits it? Everyone thinks we're rebels. He Wei sneered: "Your grandfather's spirit in heaven, your grandfather saw that you did not hold the position of queen that you should hold, and saw that our He family was reduced to this situation today for you, he would be restless in his grave!" I don't want to pay attention to anything beside He Yang. However, he Wei could not accept what he said,warehouse rack manufacturer, and he was so angry that he could not speak. He blushed and could not speak. He Wei didn't care whether he was alive or dead: "If you still remember your grandfather, and you still remember that you have the blood of the He family on your body, do me a favor. Even if you don't want to follow General Nelson, sacrifice yourself, and make a way out for our He family,Pallet rack upright, so that we can live up to what our He family has paid so much for you in the past." To be worthy of our family and your grandfather's soul who have become so miserable because of you. "I do not agree, I am the grandson of He Kun, even if I swear to die, I will not agree to get together with the people of the alliance.". I advise you not to continue to play the idea of the alliance to gain a way out. He Yang tried his best to say a word, and his heart was inexplicably filled with the knot of anger brought by beating his bones: "Otherwise, we have different ways and do not seek each other!" ... Chapter 002 All of a sudden, He Wei smiled and said, "Different ways do not work together. With your sick body, where can you go?"? If you don't agree, why don't you agree? "Just because I am the queen of Dias," he Yang said loudly. He Wei seemed to have heard some big joke and said contemptuously, Warehouse storage racks ,Pallet rack supplier, "Are you the queen of Dias?"? Who admits it? Whether anyone admits it or not, I am the queen of Dias and the grandson of He Kun. Isn't it the queen of Dias, the grandson of He Kun, who has defeated the Alliance several times, that Nelson wants to insult and despise? He Yang said, "He Wei, although we have the same blood, and your surname is He, I despise you." He Wei looked at him like a fool: "Do you look down on me?" Without saying a word, He Yang got out of bed, supported his weak body, and suddenly pushed the word away to block a bodyguard in front of him. The bodyguard was pushed to the ground by him for a moment. He Yang went out of the door in one go. Another bodyguard did not expect that he Yang, who was so weak on weekdays that he could not even react to their wanton contempt, suddenly had such boldness and did not react for a moment. He stood in place and watched him walk out of the door of the lounge before he came to his senses and was about to go after him.

    But He Wei stopped him and looked at He Yang's back contemptuously and disdainfully. "Don't chase him," he said. "I'd like to see how far he can run with his sick bones and how he can stand the snowstorm outside. When the time comes, I'll wait for him to come back crying and begging me." In his eyes, He Yang was always a spoiled man who did not know the depth of heaven and earth. You have to suffer enough and learn enough to learn. Time waits for no one. General Nelson gave less and less time. He Wei couldn't wait any longer. Although Nelson said it was better to let He Yang follow him willingly, so that he could insult the royal family of Dias. But time waits for no one. If He Yang couldn't be willing, they would tie him up and give him to General Nelson. As long as He Yang is alive, it is enough. The limp strength of his handle was no match for them or General Nelson. He Yang hobbled out of the lounge, then inside the warship, and went straight to the deck of the outer room. Along the way, many people met him and looked at him in amazement, but no one came forward to stop him, thinking that he was such a useless man that he could not run away, nor did he pose any threat to them. The planet was very cold, and He Yang's skin was naturally delicate. As soon as he stepped on the deck, he was blown by the wind and snow, and the skin on his face became red and swollen in an instant, and he was almost not blown away. Many people on the deck looked at him, but no one approached him and accosted him. In their eyes, He Yang is a waste and a drag that is not worth raising. He Yang did not care about their contemptuous eyes, and raised himself shakily. In an instant, his hand,Cantilever Storage rack, which was purple and swollen by the cold outside, took off a necklace similar to an ornament from his neck, and very slowly activated a switch on the necklace in the eyes that people could not understand. The dazzling and dazzling white light instantly emanated from the necklace in He Yang's hand.

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