Jian Lei Qing Guan

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    Jian Lei Qing Guan

    The northernmost of these three fortresses is Kara Grey Fort (Heihui), the southwest is Songshan Fort, and the southeast is Sihai Fort in the east of the river. The members of these three fortresses are the representatives of the current social situation outside the frontier fortress. Heihuibao is a Hui people from Hami, Shazhou, Guazhou and Chijin Mongolia. There are several kinds of Hui people, one of which is the Black Hui, commonly known as the Black Hat Hui. They are all Hui people who fled to naturalize, and some of them are the so-called surrender Hui who were designated by the government to settle down. Songshan Fort was an immigrant from Henan, and it was also an immigrant who was forced to move here. But they came later, and all the pastures in the border (within the Great Wall) had been divided. They had no place to live, so they were designated to settle down in this area. Officers and soldiers were sent to help them build the fort and pasture. Therefore, it was the only legal local organization supported by the government forces in the three fortresses. Their pastures were vast and fertile. Four sea fort, dominate Hedong, these people are extremely complex, are some of the central plains have no place for robbers, bandits, fugitive, and local deserters, fugitives, guards, and Han, Mongolian, Hui special characters. This is the situation on both sides of the river. The interests of the people of Sanbao are in conflict, and they are like fire and water. The officers and men of the garrison did not dare to control them, nor could they control them any more. The officials guarding the garrison were all people who were afraid of trouble, and they were deeply afraid that they would incur the great crime of "provoking the border". In the desert to the north, however,touch screen whiteboard, the Juyan Sea of the Ena River in the lower reaches of the Zhangye River was a breeding place for the fighters of Waci and Tartar (a part of the Mongolian people). When they came, they were like the tide, flying thousands of miles, constantly attacking the frontier fortress, and the people outside the border wall were the best targets for the Mongolian riders to plunder. These three fortresses are often in a precarious situation, and without the backing of strong force, they can not survive at all. The three castles form a corner, each about ten miles apart. It only takes a minute to get to the ancient city, and it takes the same time to get to the Golden Pagoda Temple. It's convenient to come and go. The lower ancient castle, which is the trading ground where the people of the three castles get supplies. In another month or so,smart board touch screen, it will be the season for the barbarians to go south to herd horses. At this time, it is the busy season to cut grass for winter. The lower ancient castle is only one hundred and twenty-three Zhangs around the city, which is pitifully small. On the outskirts of the city, however, the market is prosperous, and it is the largest market within a hundred Li of the neighborhood. To the south of the city is the horse farm, to the west is the sheep market, and to the east is the flowing camel city. The whole area covers a radius of more than 20 Li, with wooden houses, stone houses, tents, and livestock pens. Scattered all over, each has its own sphere of influence, and the place of mutual trade, in the center of the racecourse, forms a semi-active market street, that is, the supply center of iron and necessities for the people's livelihood. To the east, west and north of the city are the farms and pastures for the officers and men of the garrison. To the south of the horse farm is another small market, 75 smart board ,interactive whiteboard for schools, Linshui Fort, which is only ten miles away from the ancient castle. Autumn is high and cattle are fat. The two-month golden age of the ancient castle has arrived. The market is gradually prosperous. Goods from all over the country are pouring in, and cattle are concentrated here from all directions. Near noon.. When the sun was hot, a thin horse entered the only street. The horse was dusty, and both the man and the horse looked tired. It is true to say that the streets are semi-active. Some are wooden houses, some are stone houses made of stone chips, and some are tents and huts that are moved away in winter. Only in June, July and August, people live there. After June, in the middle of winter, the population has decreased by 78%. He dismounted in front of the shed that served as a hostel, tied his horse to the hitching post, patted off the dust, and said with a smile to the shopkeeper who greeted him, "Shopkeeper, I'm going to stay in your place for a day or two. Please put my horse in the trough and hand in my bags to the cabinet for the time being.". Where can I find a liquor store? The shopkeeper pointed to the north and answered with a smile, "Turn right from the saddle shop in front, and you can see the wine flag. All the guests in this shop eat there.". My guest's name. "The road will be handed over to the cabinet for inspection later." My guest, why don't you go to eat after washing? There is no washroom in the restaurant. "Oh!"! That makes sense. It's never too late to settle down and eat. Not long after, he appeared in the restaurant, with a green scarf wrapped around his head, a green short jacket, green riding trousers, short riding boots, imposing, a belt wrapped around his clothes, a treasure leather bag hanging under his left rib, and a flute bag and a waist handkerchief on his belt.

    Outside the shop, there are many powerful horses, some of which have exquisite carved saddles, but most of them are short Mongolian horses with blankets instead of saddles. Sometimes there are two or three chestnut horses. Near the shop door, there are two extremely handsome horses, Qinghai Cong, who are red all over. Of course, they are not real Qinghai Cong, but similar to the legend. These two horses have complete saddles, and compared with the nearby horses, they seem to stand out from the crowd, which is very eye-catching. It was a big hut with a red willow frame, covered with grass, so it was cool. There were more than ten seats in the hall, two-thirds of which were occupied by diners. He sat down at the head of the seat in the inner corner and said to the shopkeeper who followed him with a smile, "Give me five catties of wine and cut it into five catties.". Man, is it convenient to go out from here? The waiter offered a bowl of horse's milk and said, "It's not difficult to get out of the well. You can go to the city to deal with it.". But if you want to go to Hami or Beishan, you have to go to Suzhou to ask for it, and you have no right to do it here. "Can I go to Hami from here?" "Let's go to the ancient castle, which is the way to Hami!"! You don't have to go through Chijin Mugu on this road, so you can avoid a lot of trouble. The camel merchants who go to Hami all form a group here. The shopkeeper then lowered his voice and said mysteriously, "Of course, if it is handled according to proper procedures, no one can think of Hami. That's impossible. If you need a small job, just tell me." He laughed and thanked him. "Thank you," he said. "Maybe I'll have to ask your brother for help in the future." Sitting next to him were three big men dressed as herdsmen, who kept looking at him and intentionally eavesdropping on his conversation with the shopkeeper. When the food and wine were served, he took out a piece of parchment from his treasure bag and drank by himself while looking closely at the strange words and figures on the parchment. When the wine was half drunk, a tall man sitting next to him suddenly left his seat and approached him. He put his hands on his hips and asked with a smile, "Brother, can I sit down and talk to you?" He glanced at his opponent's expression and said with a smile,65 inch touch screen, "Isn't there a stool?"? Sit or not, you. Have a bowl of wine! What's the effect? "I'm Tseng Ben-shan. Of course that's not my real name. What's your name, brother?" The big fellow sat down on the table and asked. You can call me Lin Laosan. "Brother Lin is going out?" "I have this intention." "How many people?" "Quite a few." "Are you going to." 。 hsdsmartboard.com

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