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    Legends of Chivalry.txt _ Replace

    King Gang Leader blackened his face and said, "You bastard, you dare to cheat me for yourself. I almost killed the two of them." "How did I lie to you?" "You are obviously the young head of the Dian Cang Sect. Why do you say you are not?"? Did you really lose your memory, or did you pretend to be confused and ignore the life and death of others in order to be afraid of death? The leopard opened his eyes wide and asked, "I, how can I be so afraid of death that I ignore other people's lives?" How dare you talk back to me? Are you afraid that the mysterious black arrow will kill you and say that you are not? Son of a bitch, do you know that in this way, not only harm yourself, but also harm others? When my sister Bai heard this, she said to everyone she met, "Aren't you the young head of the Diancang Sect? Isn't she sad enough to hang herself?" This series of questions, asked the leopard silly eyes: "I, I..." "Son of a bitch!"! Do you want me to teach you a lesson? If you continue to talk nonsense like this in the future, I will really open your head and cut out your heart to see if you are really obsessed and have lost your memory. "No, no, don't mess around." Son of a bitch, your Aunt Kim, I can do what I say. I've never seen a bastard like you. For your own sake, you don't even care about your parents' life and death. What's the use of keeping you? The leopard was so scolded that he could not speak! Master Jin added, "Do you think people will believe you if you say so?"? Even if Black Bolt doesn't believe it, he will kill you too. If you think about your parents, for the sake of protecting your two little killers, you can't deceive yourself and talk nonsense like this in the future! Do you know? "I, I know." "Well!"! Why don't you call me 'aunt Jin' now? '! "? "Aunt Kim!" "Do you know that your mother and I are like sisters?" "Yes!"! Aunt Kim! Master Jin gave a sly smile: "Good!"! You can go now! Along the way,teardrop pallet racking, you have to listen to these two little killers and don't make your own decisions, do you understand? "I, I understand!" Master Jin turned around and winked at Qingqing and Cuicui: "Oh!"! You two, take good care of him. Don't call him nonsense. If something happens, I will ask you for help. My white sister's silver is not easy to get. "Don't worry, Master Jin, we'll be careful." "Good!"! I'm going to track down the old woman now. Get on the road and don't let that old woman hit you again. Master Jin finished and left with the beggar. The leopard was as dull as a wooden chicken and could not make a sound for a long time. Qingqing said, "Brother Leopard, how are you?"? Let's go! But Cuicui complained, "Do you know?"? You almost got us killed! The Leopard said apologetically, "I, I'm sorry." Cuicui blinked her eyelids and said, industrial racking systems ,radio shuttle racking, "If only you knew!"! Don't talk nonsense in the future! "Actually, I'm not talking nonsense." "Hi!"! Why are you here again? Qingqing sighed, "Brother Leopard, let's go!" Leopard says: "I, I think, you two still go back!"! Follow me in danger. Cuicui said, "What?"? You told us to go back? "What about our silver? Won't it be ruined?" You, you, don't lie to me again! I know who you are. Qingqing and Cuicui were taken aback and asked in unison, "What!?"? Do you know who we are? "You, you are my so-called green sister and little Cui sister in front of my mother." Qingqing and Cuicui were really dumbfounded: "You, how do you know?" They thought to themselves, "Although he looks silly on the surface, he is pretending to be a pig and eating a tiger. No wonder Aunt Jin said that he is clumsy on the outside and wise on the inside. I'm afraid he has already seen us!"! The leopard said, "Actually, when I first saw you, I didn't know. I only felt that you two were acting strangely. I was sure it was you until I met my sister in purple." Cuicui shouted, "Then why didn't you say anything? Are you playing tricks on us?" "Sister Qing, Sister Cui, because I don't know anything alone, and I'm afraid I need your help on the road alone, so I have to pretend not to know.".

    ” "Then how do you now?" Did you drive us back? "After these dangers, I feel that I can no longer make you afraid of me for my own sake.". Aunt Jin is right. I can't ignore the life and death of others. You'd better go back. Qingqing said, "Aren't you more dangerous alone?" "No," said Cuicui. "We were ordered by Shifu. How could we go back halfway?"? To go back, we all go back. Leopard son says: "Actually I am not your young master at all, why to risk for me?" Cuicui said, "We don't care whether you are true or not. As long as we can't find the young master, we will treat you as the young master. Who knows if you are playing tricks on us again?" "How can I play tricks on you?" "Are you playing tricks on us by pretending not to know that you already know us?" The leopard was speechless. "Do you know where I want to go now?" He said. "I don't care. We'll follow you wherever you go." "I'm going to find the old woman and the two Yi girls." Cuicui raised her eyebrows and asked, "Do you want to marry that girl?" "Where did you, where did you, where did you go?" Then why are you looking for them? You're not good at martial arts. Aren't you afraid they'll catch you again? "I'll ask them about your young master so that I can find him." "Who knows what they saw." "He's exactly like me. Why isn't he?" "I suspect that what they saw was false!" "How can you say that?" Qingqing and Cuicui already knew the truth of the matter, which was a trap set by Aunt Jin to test the leopard. There was no such a group of mountain thieves in the world, but it was inconvenient to explain, so they had to prevaricate. Qingqing said, "Don't go after them. Aunt Jin has already taken someone to track them down." Cuicui said, "Aunt Jin went to track them down just for this!"! Chase out the man like you and ask him how dare he be so bold as to pretend to be our young leader, swindle and cheat, and ruin the reputation of the Dian Cang Sect. Aunt Jin said that unless she didn't catch him,High Density Storage Drive In Rack, she would be rude to him once she caught him. The leopard was stunned. "Jin, Aunt Jin won't kill him, will she?" "Hard to say." 。 kingmoreracking.com

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