Misleading the Rich and Powerful Family: The Confused Bride of Jue Shao

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  • Misleading the Rich and Powerful Family: The Confused Bride of Jue Shao

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    Misleading the Rich and Powerful Family: The Confused Bride of Jue Shao

    Mu Chengfei swam over and hugged him, holding him up, most of the bottom cabin immersed in the sea, leaving only a little gap at the top, where he could breathe air. Mu Chengfei held a railing on the top with one hand and kept her posture from sinking. She held Chen An's head so that he could raise his face and breathe. Chapter 4272 waiting for you to settle down (121). The gap is getting smaller and smaller, almost drowning the nose. Chen An could not tell whether it was reality or illusion. He stared at the fluctuating water and still repeated in his mouth, "My sun.." What did you say? Is there something wrong with it? Mu Chengfei did not hear clearly, busy close to his mouth, Chen An opened his eyes, the light of the fundus was put to the maximum, "my." Sun When Mu Chengfei heard the word "sun", he hurried over and kissed his lips. He didn't go deep. He kissed him lightly and then moved away. "I'm here. We'll be out soon." It's still fighting, but the ship is going to sink. It's bound to be found. Found him, heard him say I love you, Mu Chengfei felt that this life has been worth, she is not afraid, even now she does not regret the landslide. Feeling the warm withdrawal on his lips, Chen An raised a smile at the corners of his mouth, and he raised his hand around her neck, trying to pull her to himself with all his strength, "Next life.." He spoke with difficulty,metal trim manufacturers, the whole person has been half on her shoulder, is really no strength, hallucinogens can not only produce hallucinations, but also destroy people's nerves. Mu Chengfei slanted his head, two people's lips touched in the water, Chen An looked at her face greedily, it seems that from the beginning to now, he has not looked at her once. His woman,stainless steel tile edge trim, his lover, his only.. Fall in love with a woman. She is the end of his life. Chen An smiled slightly, her eyes were completely delivered to her eyes, soft but firm, "Next life, when my sun.." Enjoy the bloom, light up, he will cherish, will not miss. Never again. Mu Chengfei's heart shook, regardless of the gap that had been getting smaller, she turned her face and kissed his thin lips in the water! …… Above the cruise ship, the fierce gunfight gradually came to an end, with casualties among the men in black and their men. Monanjue stood up on the deck with one hand. Walter's face was red and swollen, and he could not see his face at all. He fell on his side and had no ability to stand up. More than a dozen of his men lurched around him, blood mixed with sea water on the deck, stainless steel tile trim ,stainless steel tile edging, daggers and guns were lost on the ground. Mo Nanjue wiped his fingers at the corners of his mouth, stroked the tail ring on his little finger, and slightly softened the tight corners of his eyes, which were soon covered by coldness. There were too many men just now, and they rushed over together. His right leg was cut by a dagger, and there was a big cut. Monanjue took off his fur coat, bent down and simply stuck it on his right leg. A wave of waves came over, and he felt the hull of the ship tilt sharply. Sinking now?! Mo Nan Jue Jun's face was suddenly cold. He turned around and shouted coldly into the cabin. "Did you find Chen An?!" "Young Lord!" A man in black rushed out, his men were almost solved, and some of them were hiding. He said anxiously, "Miss Mu went to find Ann Shao, but we didn't see her on the third floor.." "That must be in the bottom hold!" Mo Nanjue bypassed him and walked forward with his leg injury. The man in black grabbed him. "Young Lord, now the doors of the bottom cabin are all sealed.." Sealed?! Mo Nanjue narrowed his eyes coldly. "What do you mean?" "We can't get into the bottom cabin. It's all steel. The cruise ship is sinking. Unless we can open the steel door, the people inside will not be able to get out.." But they didn't build it. The door was sealed. The key must have been thrown into the sea. It was impossible to find it. Chapter 4273 waiting for you to settle down (122). There is no other way. Undoubtedly, this must be Walter's previous command, would rather let Chen An die than let anyone save him. Monanjue's eyebrows were tightly twisted, and his strong chest kept rising and falling. The cruise ship is still sinking, and the bottom cabin is about to be completely submerged. By the time they got the tools and sawed through the steel door, the people inside would have suffocated.

    The man in black was very worried. "Young Lord, what should we do now?" Mo Nanjue's thin lips were tight, his black eyes swept around the deck, and suddenly they were fixed on the steel rod that was inserted horizontally. His eyes narrowed, and then he stretched out his hand to the man in black. "Give me a safety rope!" "Huh?"? young master With a cold face, Mo Nanjue thought of countless experiences of falling and breaking, and his face was very ugly. "Don't buy a card!"! Take a firm one! “…… Yes The man in black didn't know what he was going to do, so he took a reliable one and handed it to him. No one dared to use the ca brand again, so they all went to the warehouse. Monanjue went to the front of the deck, hooked the long white pole with one hand, climbed up and tied the safety rope tightly to the top. And then slide down quickly. The man in black was stunned and seemed to understand what he had thought of, which was very risky, and if he was not careful, he would be thrown out. Monanjue picked up the steel rod when he landed. He wrapped the safety rope tightly around his arm, held the steel rod tightly in the other hand, and kept retreating with his slender legs. When he retreated to the far left, Mo Nanjue's black eyes narrowed tightly, suddenly exerted his strength, and strode forward. With the strength of the run-up, Monanjue jumped up, he put one leg on the railing, and the whole person swung out of the deck directly wrapped in the rope! His body suddenly soared into the air, the safety rope crossed an arc in midair, Monanjue frowned, and when he was about to swing back, he raised the steel stick in his hand. Under the huge recoil force, the steel rod aimed at the bottom cabin and hit it straight! Boom! The steel was slightly deformed by the impact. In the bottom cabin flooded by the sea, Mu Chengfei heard a loud noise, and the water waves shook with it. With a happy look on her face, she kissed Chen An's lips and pulled away. "It's all right. It's over. Mo Nanjue is coming." Boom! There was another crash,tile profile factory, Mo Nanjue tightened the safety rope, his body reverberated more and more on the sea, and the iron bar in his hand hit the bottom cabin again and again. Bang!. jecatrims.com

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