MMOexp Mut 24: Winston unhappy with the free agency

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  • MMOexp Mut 24: Winston unhappy with the free agency

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    MMOexp Mut 24: Winston unhappy with the free agency

    Time is running out on Revis trade

    On the field, Keenan Allen, the Allen Madden 24 Nation was present at Cal wide receiver's Pro morning in North Carolina. What do Allen's performance reveal concerning what he can expect from his Madden NFL 24 outlook?

    The New York Jets won't have Darrelle Revis beyond the 2013 season, that much is well-known. That's why the team wants to move him off the team now, but the chance of winning 2013. Madden NFL 24 Draft picks is becoming slimmer each day. With the draft just a couple weeks away, the window to complete a task is closing. And for the building Jets they should make it an absolute priority.

    Russell is attracting real interest?

    If or when JaMarcus Russell can actually make his return to Madden NFL 24. nobody is able to deny that he's trying his best in this round. On Tuesday, we learned that both the Chicago Bears and Arizona Cardinals are showing the most interest in Russell during the season's offseason. Being signed by either team would be an amazing thing to do, especially considering that Russell might get a chance to play against the Cardinals.

    Winston unhappy with the free agency

    The offensive tackle of the free agent Eric Winston is "frustrated" about how free agency has progressed so far. Winston insists that he's over-valuing himself with his desire for the equivalent of $3-4 million each season.

    Blogging the Boys: Winston, Cowboys are talking

    It was a thriving offensive tackle class in early on, and the next draft is extremely wide at the position also, which is certain to hurt Winston's worth.

    Dallas solicits Free to take pay cut

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